So you want to learn to sail…

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7 Responses to So you want to learn to sail…

  1. mm1919 says:

    When I was learning, we spent time practicing how to stop the boat ASAP and circle around to p/u dipshits like that guy. It ain’t easy.

  2. RocketmanKarl says:

    Looks like they tacked downwind, which results in the boom whipping over suddenly. None of these guys are real smart, looks way too cold to be doing stupid noobie shit. How’s it go? D2S2 (Don’t Do Stupid Shit).

  3. Bill says:

    Watch out for the boom!

  4. Rob says:

    Man overboard!

  5. Scruff says:

    bald man almost got his head taken off, sailing’s not for dumbasses.

  6. H1 says:

    Why the hell was he sitting THERE?

  7. POd American says:

    Genoa is set for a port tack and the main “was on the correct side” prior to the crazy swing…. Looks like the dipshit was on the tiller was the culprit.

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