That’s some white trash shit right there

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4 Responses to That’s some white trash shit right there

  1. Bradley says:

    Ah, well. At least it’s thermally insulated? In case the electricity freezes in the wires?

  2. Old Goat Patrol says:

    And painted to match the siding.

  3. Plan_K_Ton says:

    A few points to consider… there is no ground wire visible (gotta have a good ground). The short runs bend the coax (RG6) too much… it would be better if teh coax runs were longer, made a complete loop to reduce the bend. That splitter will go quickly… just look at the reverse side of your own. If there is rust there or the label is gone, the splitter is probably failing due to internal moisture corrosion.
    I give the guy creativity points, but seriously… just use the right junction boxes, watch a yoo toob or three on coax installing and you will have pretty nice results. That, and buy the right crimp tools and coax stripper. Consumer grade is garbage. GARBAGE!

  4. Don in Oregon says:

    “If it’s stupid and it works, it’s not stupid.”

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