The Death of Goodwill

This is the first piece in what I intend to be a series, on the theme I think of as the Death of Goodwill. There was (and still is) a huge difference between the attitudes of people in America and the attitudes of those in third-world countries. I use the word goodwill for this difference. For centuries, Americans have been helping one another raise barns, live through hard times, and get up when they fall in the street. Unfortunately, goodwill is being strangled. There are numerous mechanisms for this, though all have bad governance at the core.

With the death of goodwill will come the collapse of civil society, and its twin sister law and order.

Too many ugly incidents are occurring in ordinary law enforcement. They are not random. There is a pattern to them. America is sliding down a long, slippery slope. The end of that trip is a third-world dictatorship. Here are 13 possible stages in one process. There are other similar processes occurring also.

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3 Responses to The Death of Goodwill

  1. When I was a kid, all the cops were WWII or Korea vets, they didn’t have anything to prove.

  2. churchladyiowa says:

    I can tell I live a different life from most who post here. Seeing the title, “The Death of Goodwill,” I immediately thought of the thrift store chain we love to visit. As antique dealers, we notice ever-increasing Chinese crap instead of the vintage American cast-offs we used to see. As a sign of the times, anything remotely vintage is either in a glass showcase or up for bids on Goodwill’s website.

  3. CC says:

    Yeah, in turd-world countries, they steal from each other.
    One need look no further than liberals and the mannerless, classless, thieving, disease-ridden assholes they insist on importing, and insist we support.

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