This shit is getting downright comical

RICHMOND, Va. — Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia emphatically denied on Monday a woman’s claim that he sexually assaulted her in 2004, suggesting that Gov. Ralph Northam’s supporters were trying to block his ascent to the governorship at a moment when Mr. Northam is besieged by demands that he resign over charges of racism.


Now we’ve got black liberals and white liberals fighting each other.

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13 Responses to This shit is getting downright comical

  1. “ya gonna need a bigger bowl…of popcorn!”

  2. Ed says:

    Don’t cha luv it when the Libturds eat each other??

  3. In otherwise news…
    Actor Liam Nelson apologized for having Badthink thoughts after a female friend told him she had been raped by a Negro.
    He “confessed” to thinking about finding a random Negro male and beating him, maybe to death. He didn’t do anything, he just imagined it. Badthink. And he publicly apologized, though the liberal mob isn’t having any.

    Hard to believe he’s the guy that killed the role of RobRoy.

    • Daniel K Day says:

      I believe that’s called an “unforced error”. He told the world what he thought?

    • PoppaGary says:

      Well to be fair, in the article I read he said he got a club and walked around the streets by pubs hoping a black would react so he could beat them.
      But ya still……
      Plus anyone with the slightest amount of love of family, honor, etc would do the same. Can’t tell me some of these “peaceful” mom’s wouldn’t think of grabbing a butcher knife and taking care of biz if it was their daughter or child. (I know plenty would leave it be)

    • crazyeighter says:

      It’s okay to have those thoughts, especially under those circumstances. It’s not okay to blare them coast-to-coast in the MSM.

    • warhorse says:

      months from now, we’ll find out this was something coordinated on 4chan, and they did it for the joy of causing chaos.

    • Mike_C says:

      I don’t think it was any sort of accident or error at all on Neeson’s part.

      My take is that Neeson is virtue signalling. Public confession of “sins” is the best way to show that you’re with the program. As an apparently masculine white male who plays action hero roles, he’s automatically suspect. If he says, “Hey, I’m not racist!” he has to prove a negative, which is impossible; plus the people who matter in his world will not believe him anyway. BUT, he can do an end run by admitting to prior racism, “to my ever-lasting shame. But I learned to be a better man.” [not saying Neeson said that, it’s the script I would write if I were in the game of doing this PR bullshit]

      This public repentance demonstrates at least two virtues.

      First, he’s on the side of rape victims, and women in general;
      Second, he confessed to having had a racist impulse. But he learned to unlearn his racism and automatic acceptance of his privilege as a white male. Since white men are automatically suspected of racism, better that he set the terms of the discussion by confessing to having been racist, but in a good cause, namely wanting to defend a rape victim. But he realized his error and has sincerely repented. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! So now can they please give him a pass, and move on to the next hateful white male?

      The only way Neeson could have done better to virtue signal to Hollywood is to claim to have defended a transsexual, HIV-positive person (descended from Holocaust-survivor grandparents and an undocumented father who picked lettuce in the Central Valley) from attack by smirking skinhead white nationalists wearing MAGA caps.

  4. Ole Grump says:

    Effing Red Guard wannabes.

  5. Plan_K_Ton says:

    It would seem that racial identity is stronger than political identity. There is a lesson in this for those who would see.

  6. geoffcsaltine says:

    Its only going to get better with the young ones they have coming up,and its only been a month since they took office.
    And all we have to do is stand back and watch. And laugh.

  7. riverrider says:

    northam won largely by painting the opposition as racist, even suggesting gillispie was a neonazi. kinda poetic now….fairfax is a yankee lawyer, and guilty as hell you can tell by his statements. says the charges are “uncorroborated”. never says “i didn’t do it”. i”m betting he’s done it more than once and more women are about to come out of the woodwork to accuse him. epic. shumer has a senior staffer under the gun for the same thing. they painted themselves into a corner as we say round here.

  8. Strnj1 says:

    You ought to be sitting here surrounded by the dumbasses that voted for them…

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