Trump’s Border Wall ‘Emergency’ Faces First Legal Challenge

A nonprofit sued to block President Donald Trump from diverting funds from the federal budget to spend about $8 billion on his promised border wall, hours after he declared a national emergency.

Public Citizen, a consumer rights think tank, filed the complaint Friday evening on behalf of a nature preserve and three landowners in southern Texas who’ve been told the government will seek to build sections of the wall on their property once funding becomes available.

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4 Responses to Trump’s Border Wall ‘Emergency’ Faces First Legal Challenge

  1. anonymous says:

    Must be one sick ass bird that can’t fly over a fence is all I’m sayin’ . . .

    Its a B.S. argument, costing U.S. tax payers the expense of fighting the suit. There are other organizations doing the same thing elsewhere, they are completely missing the Big Picture here.

    We need a suit which sues U.S. employers from knowingly hiring illegal alien workers and causes a demand for them to be here. No demand – no work – less illegal alien traffic.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Those fuckers are not missing the Big Picture; they know exactly what they’re doing. Another Dem-Cong front group putting illegals ahead of U.S. citizens.

  2. Rob says:

    If the lawmakers did their job & set up a guest worker system, something that was actually efficient at getting the workers in to the country in a controlled manner a lot of this problem would go away. Not all of it but a lot.

    In this day & age it’s silly to think the lawmakers would their job… maybe it’s silly of me to think that the nation IS the job rather than doing favors for the corporations & deep-pockets that give them the real money?

  3. Brian P. says:

    That’s fine. Just go around their properties on the US side. You want to continue living on an open border with Mexico? Have fun with that.

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