Tuesday gifdump

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7 Responses to Tuesday gifdump

  1. James says:

    Why does the knucklehead with the foul.ball point at the baby? He’s proud he didn’t drop it?!?

    • Tom in NC says:

      I think he’s saying that the ball is for his kid – might have been different if he misjudged things and had the ball hit the kid

  2. John Remsdad says:

    I almost wet myself watching boiling water guy.

  3. Charlie E Hargrave says:

    That first one hurt just watching it. I flinched every time.

    • warhorse says:

      I’d lean out the window and yell “DASHCAM!!!” then start counting down from 5 and revving the engine. see how fast he gets up.

  4. J- says:

    That one with the towels reminds me why I hate cats.

  5. Butch says:

    If that towel cat was mine, she would find herself outside with duct tape all over those front paws.

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