A whopper of a gun control bill in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania – -(AmmoLand.com)- Pennsylvania Submits Firearms Registration Bill.A new bill introduced in Pennsylvania, HB0768, would boldly establish a gun registry within the state. The Democrats that introduced the bill areMary Louise Isaacson (D), Angel Cruz (D), and Mary Jo Daley (D). The Pennsylvania General Assembly has referred the bill to the Committee on the Judiciary.

This bill would require gun owners in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to register their firearms ANNUALLY with the Pennsylvania State Police. Owners would have to provide the police with the make, model, and the serial numbers of all their guns as well as pay $10/gun…every year.

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9 Responses to A whopper of a gun control bill in Pennsylvania

  1. Kaptain Kaos says:

    Well hell. I’m sure lots of guys are going to be lining up for this gun registry thing. Yup. Just like all three guys who turned in their bumpstocks so far in dark blue Washington state. I’d say something about orange man buying us a few more years but hell, you guys already know that and you’ve been using this time wisely. Right?

  2. Phil says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Fuck You.

    When they try to register your guns, it’s time to use them.

  3. Nemo says:

    …and the NH House passed “background check for ALL gun sales also to include a waiting period for delivery.


    Thank You Live Free or Die.

    • Padawan says:

      If Sununu knows what’s good for his re-election bid he’ll veto both of these.

      Not sure if we’ve asked before…where in NH do you call home?

  4. crazyeighter says:

    Swingin’ for the fences to see if anything will stick…

  5. badbilly says:

    To quote the insightful and elegant founding member of the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, ” Fuck this, Fuck that and Fuck You!”…

  6. Padawan says:

    Are they going to have a 96% noncompliance rate like Connecticut got with theirs?

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