And from Florida North…

PHILADELPHIA — A Bucks County man told police he was so upset that his roommate left an empty Chick-fil-A bag in their apartment late Saturday, he initiated a violent argument that turned fatal.

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3 Responses to And from Florida North…

  1. snuffy says:

    At least it wasn’t over something silly like pork chop vs. pork steak, or soda or chicken nuggets, or cigarettes, all of which have led to fatalities amongst the diversity segment.

  2. Mike_C says:

    [Shooter] Hylton told the officers that he and [dead guy] Simpson were co-workers and had been living together for several months. Investigators said the two worked at Dove Daily Care, a home health care service

    Weren’t we just talking about shit heads working at nursing homes and stuff like that the other day? Looks like home care isn’t necessarily better, iffn you get folks like this.

  3. Mike Papa says:

    Yup Philadephians kill each other over parking spots so this is no surprise.

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