Coyote hunter shoots wolf, reports it, then gets charged

A Baker City man was hunting coyotes when he accidentally shot an Oregon wolf which had dispersed to new territory.
The wolf was part of the Umatilla River pack, and was not supposed to be where Brennon Witty was pursuing coyotes. But as wolves are wont to do, this one covered a large amount of ground and found its way to a new area.

Witty immediately notified officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, who came and recovered the carcass or OR-22, a collared Oregon wolf.

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15 Responses to Coyote hunter shoots wolf, reports it, then gets charged

  1. arc says:

    Know your target and what lies beyond it and in between.

    If the wolf pictured is the one he shot… well shit, I don’t want the guy anywhere near so much as a fart gun. How in the hell do you mistake a big ass black wolf for a coyote!?

    • Wirecutter says:

      Depends on the terrain he’s hunting. I’ve hunted on the east slope of the Sierras quite a bit and it’s damned near impossible to judge size when there’s no trees to compare the size with.

    • Elmo says:

      That might be a file photo of a wolf, not an actual picture of OR-22.
      OR-54 was last seen near my home in California and her colors are very light.

    • SHS says:

      I go for yotes in wide open spaces where size is hard to judge, so I could see the mistake being made.. Here in the high desert of Utah, wolves are only starting to be heard of. While illegal to shoot, I would drop one if I had the chance.. The deer and Elk populations would benefit, and the cattlemen and ranchers would be grateful

  2. Benjamin Hunter says:

    He got the shoot part down pat, but forgot about the shovel and shut up bits.

  3. Elk Tracks says:

    Shoot ; Shovel ; Shutup . . .

  4. dilligaf says:


    fer fucks sake

  5. Dan says:

    He was stupid enough to report it and admit to it so he gets some special loving from the state. All the more reason to embrace shoot, shovel and shut the fuck up.

  6. Phil B says:

    He’s obviously never heard of the three “S’s” … shoot, shovel, shut up.

  7. Wayne Wilson says:

    Good reason not to carry a phone when you’re hunting. Phone could be traced to be near the collared animal. Maybe I’m paranoid.

  8. Sanders says:

    The Code of the West for the 21st century: Shoot, Shovel, Shutup.

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