My brother is a plumber in NZ he said a lot of work sites have come to a grinding halt because they can’t buy PVC pipe. ….he said NZ is basically burying their guns and gun City is running low on stock of semi autos.


Except a buried gun does nobody any good at all. None.

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  1. C.R. says:

    Although a buried weapon doesn’t do you alot of good , the ones that have been shredded are useless to all. If you have some cool toys that Big brother doesn’t approve of, why not stash ’em , rather than just hand them over ? I wonder how many guns were lost in tragic boating accidents in Australia when they had the “buy backs”

    • Wirecutter says:

      Why not defend your property? Your guns are YOUR property, after all. Would you let any asshole from the street come in and demand you hand over your guns without a fight?

      • In your part of the country you might be confident that five, ten, twenty friends would show up armed and ready to stare down the ‘Public Servants’ come to collect your arms.

        In many parts of the country it would be another Ruby Ridge or Waco.

        Better to bury them and wait for Der Tag.

        • Lineman says:

          Which is why I stress Community so much Brother where each individual is magnified because of numbers…I don’t know why people can’t see that…

  2. Bad_Brad says:

    Check out the forensics of the video of the so called attack over at Irish’s place. Looks like bull shit to me. Someones getting played.

    • rayvet says:

      I saw that. Not buying it. As a gun guy, I don’t like to get into the conspiracy stuff too much. Makes it harder for our side to see sane in our arguments. Anyone that doesn’t believe there are nut jobs our there that are willing to do what this loser did is just in denial. This guy is the reason we NEED to have our guns.

  3. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    Bury them? It is time to dig them New Zealanders. Private citizens will never be stronger than at the present i regards to firearm possession. The collectors license and such are temporary appeasement. The goal is to total disarmament of private citizens.

  4. A Texan says:

    I would disagree about the supposed lack of utility in burying firearms (and ammo, parts, etc.). There are those that the state knows about – don’t bury them. Those that it doesn’t know about, you bury, so that when “they” come for the known guns, you go to your burial site a day or a week later and then you have a weapon (or 6).

    The Russians surprised the fuck out of the Germans in WW2 by having more than 100 divisions that the Germans didn’t know that they had. The German General Staff actually told Hitler at one point that they had destroyed all of the divisions that their intelligence agencies had told them that the Russians had…and yet the war was still raging.

    Burying weapons is about having reserves, not about a stand-alone strategy.

    • Wirecutter says:

      What good is a weapon that you can’t or won’t use?

      • FaCubeItches says:

        It’s sort of a modified fleet-in-being argument – the fact that guns still exist will work as a deterrent.

        The problem is that if someone is burying guns, they should be using them. And if they didn’t use them the first time around when it was necessary, there’s pretty much fuck-all chance that they’ll suddenly be willing to do it the second time around.

        • Five neighbors. Four bury their guns. One stands in the doorway of his home and refuses to give up his weapons. And is shot. His four neighbors observe.

          A week later the cop that shot their neighbor is shot while going into a donuts shop. That how this will play out.
          The sooner the minions of the instruments of control get that, the better.

      • Richard Watson says:

        When you think it’s time to bury your weapons, THAT is the time you should be digging them up.

      • Matthew says:

        Why do you think its buried? To be used in a time and place of your choosing. Retain initiative and pick where you fight. You cannot stop 10 cops from searching your home, but you can be certain they find nothing. If you are fighting on your own doorstep, you are losing.

        • Klaus says:

          Well said!

        • Lineman says:

          Why do we do that? Always we act like they are going to play by the rules when they are breaking every rule just by being in your home…What you think if they don’t find any guns in your house that they are just going to leave and not beat you to death or rape your wife and daughters, or shoot you just for the hell of it…You act like they will still be lawful when they are doing unlawful things…Ahh people I just don’t understand how we got to be so stupid…

      • Kaptain Kaos says:

        The civnats still think there will be a tomorrow if they appease the jackboots. We know better.

      • bogsidebunny says:

        Wire, sadly when it comes to 21st century NZ or America when it comes down to: “Comply or Die” 95% of legal firearm owners will opt for the first.

      • ZombieDawg says:

        Really? Apply that logic to nuclear weapons then. Some 20,000 of them.
        A weapon should be a tool of last resort.
        In a SHTF scenario one can easily and quickly retrieve buried weapons.
        A hell of a lot of people buried guns in the bush in Oz before the buyback.
        I was one of them.
        Your best weapon is your own self defence skill.

        • Wirecutter says:

          The government coming to take your weapons IS a SHTF scenario.

          • DTG says:

            What you said right there.

          • Matthew says:

            So, you’ll fight to the death against a goon squad at your front door rather than fight where and when you want? Seems like a poor tactical decision to me.

            • Wirecutter says:

              If it comes to gun confiscation, I will defend my God Given Right to the death. They may kill me, but they’ll remember my name for the rest of their lives.

              • Sedition says:

                Fuckin’ A!

              • Bacon says:

                Yes, you will, and they will. And then, after you’re gone and all your shit has been confiscated by the goons, Miss Lisa will (hopefully) still need something to dig up, in order to defend herself.

                • Wirecutter says:

                  My wife’s blind, she can’t see from one end of a room to another. A gun is of no use to her at all.
                  Why does everybody assume that I’m going to be sitting here fat, dumb and happy when all that starts to go down? Don’t you think that we’ll all have some warning when this begins? Yes, I may have some guns stashed in strategic locations, but I’m not going to bury the damned things, rendering them completely useless until I have an opportunity and an hour to dig them up.

          • Tree Mike says:


        • Matthew says:

          That’s a good idea. Let’s compare the two. You come and check for nukes and don’t find any at my house, and a week later your country is nuked. Wasn’t me, I don’t have any nukes. Look, at that, you’ve died, I haven’t. A much better outcome for me than dying setting off my nuke on my own front door.

      • warhorse says:

        I can only carry and use one. if I’ve got a dozen, they’re at home where someone can come and get them. if they’re buried when someone who doesn’t have a gun wakes the fuck up I can get him one with just a shovel and some time.

  5. James says:

    I would say you own a fair amount of firearms a few cached/buried not a bad idea.Your home gets robbed by either police or average criminals that get into your safe ect. you still have some almost immediate options out there to re-arm.This is assuming you have more then say a rifle/pistol,in which case carry both in vehicle,of course,that could get stolen also,so,just have more firearms and stash/cache a few(with ammo!).

  6. the other other Andrew says:

    ‘Buried’ also means hidden. Hidden in the walls, hidden in fake beams in the basement, etc. Having a stash of hidden weapons is not a bad idea. Just… it must be secondary or tertiary weapons. Guns no one, even your ‘best buds’ know about. And it’s not just because of the Enemy, just think what will happen in a fire, or flood. Secret stashes and caches that are safe.

    Keep your secrets secret. The more secret it is, the fewer should be within the ‘secret’ circle.

    Truly trust no one. The Feds and the Socialists can break anyone.

  7. DTG says:

    Burying, hiding, and otherwise trying to live a ‘normal’ life once the confiscations begin is the epitome of ‘Normalcy Bias.’

    When you think it’s time to bury them, it’s actually time to dig them up, dust them off, clean, function check, and load them.

  8. Jason says:

    People who burry their guns may just as well have turned them in. If you don’t have the spine to say Molon Labe RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW you never will. The only way to be free it to be willing to do sudden battle, with utter recklessness any place, any time.

    • warhorse says:

      you bury your EXTRA guns. do you go into battle with a dozen rifles on your shoulder?

      • Lineman says:

        Burying guns and caching guns are two different things and done for two different reasons…I see you know the difference but it seems many do not…Sad That…

  9. Josey Wales says:

    You guys are assuming you will survive the confiscation by said Leo. They will be coming in hostile, cuz officer safety and all. Expect a shoot on sight reaction after they smoke your dog. Plan on serving coffee and doughnuts too? Good luck with that. Maybe let ‘em throw a shot in the ole lady while there as well. Draw a line. Either bring it or turn them in now, you ain’t got the stones to use them anyways.

    • Lineman says:

      Sorry didn’t see your comment before I said my piece…You hit the nail on the head…People act like the thugs in blue will be all polite and shit when they are in essence saying you are less the dog shit by coming for your guns…

  10. leaperman621 says:

    take anything from 4chan with a grain of salt. They ‘love’ trolling people and news outlets.

    • WiscoDave says:

      Agree but look at the discussion it got going here. In that it has value even if it is “trolling.”

  11. sjmld says:

    Bad Brad, where is Irish’s place?

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