DoD investigating 2 Star General for retaliation against Green Berets

The Pentagon inspector general is investigating allegations that a two-star Army general is retaliating against active-duty Green Beret instructors under his command who have voiced concerns over his lowering of standards for Green Beret candidates, three sources familiar with the matter told Breitbart News.


Once you start letting just anybody in, you’re no longer elite and your mission suffers.
Unfortunately, this isn’t anything new for the USSF – the conventional forces have been at odds with the USSF since it’s inception.

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15 Responses to DoD investigating 2 Star General for retaliation against Green Berets

  1. Alemaster says:

    As you so astutely mentioned, Wirecutter, “Big Army,” aka “The General’s Club,” never understood or liked SF. Any non mainstream, non conformist, or specialty encouraging individualism was a target for “Big Army.” Army Aviation was a prime example what with a bunch of 19 year old warrant officers who also served as instructor pilots and examiners, wore a different uniform (flight suits, flight jackets, and sun glasses), and generally had a respectful “GFY” attitude. The General’s Club was able to reign aviation in by making it an accountable Branch. Looks as if SF is next in the crosshairs. When that happens, we lose. regards, Alemaster

  2. Old Grump says:

    The armed forces has for many years been too heavy with general officers. The traditional role of generals leading large units has degenerated to the point where any group much larger than a battalion has a general setting in the command chair. Yes, maybe Special Forces command rates a general as head, but he shouldn’t be micromanaging training schedules. This article paints the perfect picture of a egotistic sob doing the wrong thing in the wrong place.

  3. Scruff says:

    While in Germany my platoon went to a two week training course by the 10th mtn. div. in the alps. At that time (1978) we were the first non combat arms unit accepted in this training, and the three grunt platoons mopped the floor with us. Two of the most exiting weeks of my life. Enough memories to write a column about. I can not remember the name of the place though, bad something or another, anyone else out there have this experience?

      • FaCubeItches says:

        Not coincidentally, one of the Waffen SS officer training schools was located there, too.

    • Lost in WV says:

      The Platoon Confidence Training (PCT) course run by Ranger qualified guys assigned to Special Forces Detachment (Europe). Location was Camp Worden located at the Flint Kaserne (Bad Tölz) range a couple of klicks north of the kaserne.
      SF team guys from 1-10SF also participated frequently during their free time as ‘straphanger’ aggressors, particularly the younger guys wanting as much tactical training time as possible.

      Good instructors, many former Ranger School cadre.

  4. leaperman621 says:

    Posting this in the Kratskeller, in the bar. Hopefully someone will do something.

  5. Lost in WV says:

    I was an instructor there in the 90’s and we went through something similar, but not as bad as the current situation. We were able to stall it at the minimum and in some cases prevent it, but not without more than a few good ‘politically unreliable’ careers being ‘tarnished’ in the process.

    Hang in there, brothers. DOL

  6. De Oppresso Liber says:

    Fortunately SF has been one of the last to drop on this issue. A couple of years ago the Rangers had those 2 females recycled back into the class several times after failing standards. Then their records disappeared and to this day can’t be found. While every other classmates are available.

    The Marine Corps did that extensive study about bringing females online into Infantry units. All the brass ignored it (the study) and pushed the policy through.

    obama’s plants from the previous 8 years are starting to pay off. More than 250 Field Grade Officers were shown the door under him. His guys are starting to make a big differance in policy at he field levels and DOD.

    Stay tuned it’s going to get worse before it gets any better.

    • plankton67 says:

      Personnel is policy. That is an iron law.
      Write (respectfully to) your Congresscritters, write (respectfully to) your Senators. They are an email away. If you can, go see them on this issue. This rot has to stop.

  7. ChuckN says:

    I glad that everyone is noticing the lower standards, but remember it’s not just physical. Academics have dropped across the board and every training/recruitment unit, especially those for officers, have been culling the smarter (read independent thinkers) for years. From my experience and from what I’ve been told by close friends, many ROTC programs openly drive out those in STEM. Sound crazy? Just remember the West Point graduated an open socialist. As I see it the SF aren’t the last holdouts so much because of higher standards but because anyone who passes training does not make the cut winds up dead very quickly, due simply to the nature of the business.

  8. Trib says:

    yea let us lose a war so Suzie Snowfake can wear a green beret with her pink AR.

  9. Fred Fuller says:

    Already did that. Cap’n Katy Wilder.

    Could we just get on with the real job now?

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