Facebook under criminal investigations

Facebook reportedly under criminal investigation for secret data-sharing deals. Is this why Facebook was down all day yesterday? Were they conducting a massive purge? Federal prosecutors are probing Facebook’s illicit data-sharing partnerships, reportedly subpoenaing data from smartphone manufacturers as the regulatory walls appear to close in on the beleaguered social media firm. A New York grand jury has subpoenaed two device-makers’ records as part of a criminal investigation into some of the 150+ dubiously legal data partnerships Facebook forged with technology companies and other large corporations, according to sources familiar with the requests who spoke to the New York Times.

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  1. brighteyes says:

    You can check in but you can never leave. If you deactivate FB they say, we will keep some of your information in case you want to come back. I typed that shit in the first time around and I can damn sure do it again without your help. The Bastards. I always wondered, what are you doing with my information? Prior to deactivating I edited all information I could, deleted a few things I was allowed to delete and locked everything else. Probably did not do a bit of good. At least I was never a big user of FB and info was limited. Some folks have type their entire lives into that damn thing and it’s there forever I guess. It aint right and I’ll never get involved with those bastards again.

    On your FB page click the carrot or arrow upper right hand corner
    scroll down to settings, click
    Left hand column General tab, click
    On menu Manage Accounts, click
    Scroll down to deactivate account, click

    Read every thing carefully. First box check it if you want to Opt out. If you don’t I think people can still see your shit and maybe you will get FB notices. I aint gonna write all the bullshit out so if you do this read carefully. You even have to, Have To Mind You, tell them why you are deactivating. It will not let you deactivate until you check a box telling them why. Good luck. Took me an hour to get off the damn think cuz they said my pass code was wrong and I know damn well it was right.

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