Friday gifdump Part III

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  1. Paul B says:

    Man, those are some flexible people. And those dudes picking away under that boulder was something else.

  2. SgtBob says:

    My oldest said Ft. Eustis had a Chinook used only for static tests, after the thing performed a loop on its own while in normal flight. At an NCO school, his class witnessed a test of damage done when the aft transmission, with engines running, was hit with a 7.62mm round. Hint: It broke.

  3. Scott halloween says:

    The little boy who hits the twerker, if you look closely you can see him yell “whore” lol.

  4. blueslurker1 says:

    The woman at the pool table, I watched a few times. Was she doing something with her hands?

  5. Joe Hil says:

    The number one cause of death in cowboys in the bad old days was having their horse fall on them.

  6. censusdesignatedplace says:

    #2. Say that reminds me. (points for whoever catches the refence).
    My dad RIP, brought us from Ohio to California in about 1967 by way of rural Missouri, Kansas, Texas and New Mexico because he was damned tired of being cold. Lots of time in the first three with great adventures I wouldn’t trade for the world. See this scar? I miss that girl! I hope crazy Wayne is still alive!
    Camped one night in windy mf-ing Texas and stayed a week in NM with his AF bud. This is all in a ’67 Impala with a mattress on the roof, I shit you not, I have pics somewhere. My last name ain’t Joad BTW.
    I digress.
    Moved to Anaheim and he fell in love with the Mojave desert and bought a 10 acre plot in bumfuck out there with a cinder block structure and because you had to prove “improvements” to the county he dug a pit shitter.
    He’d spend a week there and then come home with a trunk load of cacti and plant them all over our front and back yards. He knew them all by species. I learned the hard way to respect cactus at an early age. You look at those things wrong and you get stuck, it seems. I never want to see another one. At least I never had to mow grass!

  7. =T. Wrangler= says:

    Exercise caution wherever Cholla are present. Those pointy fuckers can fuck you up.
    Hard to miss Saguaro and Ocotillo but I’ve seen people blunder into them.

    You might want to watch out for Yuccas. Prickly Pears, too.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I generally avoid any kind of cactus as a rule.

    • Judy says:

      Yup, teddy bear cholla (jumping cactus) will mess you up. The movement of the air as you walk by is enough for a chunk to break off and be propelled towards you.

    • Sabre22 says:

      We called them Jesus bushes at Fort Carson back in the seventies especially doing night patrols they would seem to jump at you in the dark. One guy sat on one and had to evacuated back to the post.. Them things would penetrate 4 layers of a leather glove like it was nothing. We called them Jesus bushes because that was one of the first things you said when they hit you

    • warhorse says:

      I’ve seen that guy before. he does stupid shit like that on youtube. got bit by a bullet ant and a few other things..but here’s the cactus one..

  8. CC says:

    If you just have to hug the cholla, carry the biggest wide tooth comb with a big handle or pickyou can find-slips between you & the pad and you can work them out without attaching yourself further.
    My ex wound up with cholla in the back of her hand, attached to the dog’s ear that she was trying to remove it from.
    Cholla laughs at any kind of glove except the ones you string barb wire with.

  9. Scarecrow says:

    There is something very wrong with that horse.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Yeah, it didn’t want a rider on its back. I’ve had that happen to me a couple times when I was breaking horses. That’s why you don’t put your feet all the way into the stirrups.

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