Gone huntin’

IT’S THE FIRST FRIDAY OF October in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, and on KVPI’s morning French radio program, Charlie Manuel is reminding listeners, “La saison des ecureuils va commencer officialment demain matin.” Tomorrow is the first day of Squirrel Season.

Ville Platte, my hometown, is situated in the center of Louisiana, four square miles of city surrounded by farmland and forest. The population of just more than 7,000 is a mélange of Creole, European-French, and Acadian-French ancestry, evident in the distinct accents and Franglais woven into daily conversations.

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  1. Marty West says:

    Sounds dreamy!!

  2. Andrew says:

    My dad remembered fondly the Priest in his parish church making sure the deacons locked the door during the mass on the first day of Duck Season, so the priest could get disrobed and out the door before all the good shooting sites were taken.

    Deep Louisiana takes their shooting sports seriously.

  3. Murkan Mike says:

    Damn, I was getting a little excited to read a good hunting story, then it turned out to be a girl story! I hate to sound chauvinistic, but I truly believe that women and hunting don’t mix. Women can dress up in hunting gear and shoot animals, but it don’t make them hunters. Just like a woman can wear a strap-on and give it to her girlfriend, it don’t make her a man. I could expound on that for hours, but my two pointy little fingers won’t keep up with the typing on the tablet screen.

  4. brighteyes says:

    Dats Ce que c’est mon. “What it is.”

  5. SgtBob says:

    As long as squirrel camps and deer camps exist, the state of the Republic is good.

  6. Mike says:

    My mother the school teacher would allow me to miss school the first day of squirrel season if my grades were good. When I got my license to drive my friends and I would hunt the woods close to school and still make it to class on time. If we had any luck there was a old man lived by the school house that would take anything we killed with a big smile on his face. I guess we would be locked up now for having squirrel guns in the car parked at school.

  7. Squirrels. Damned hard to kill with a shotgun and damned hard to skin when you got one.

  8. anonymous says:

    Awesome story. A bit of long gone Americana which was fairly common in the Old Days. I remember hearing of how a small town of Edinburg Texas took care of a pigeon infestation of the city. They picked a day and allowed bird hunters to take their shotguns and shoot them in midair, with the warning NOT to shoot the buildings and other sensitive property. Just common sense solutions to problems that need taking care of.

    Thanks for the link – glad to read you can still find this in America. I’ll bet Ville Platte is a great place to live. Not sure I can deal with the mosquitos when in season though.

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