If her allegations are right, that’s funnier than shit

CONCORD — A poster to promote the raffle of a 22-caliber rifle called the Cherry Frost has Legislative Protective Services investigating the matter as a possible threat to state Rep. Sherry Frost, a vocal Democrat on gun control and other issues that have garnered national attention.

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5 Responses to If her allegations are right, that’s funnier than shit

  1. J says:

    Another C9&t demokraut looking attention

  2. hee@!luis says:

    Ever heard of “Cherry Crush” ?

  3. Mike_C says:

    Sounds like an appalling person:
    But looks pretty much as I expected (Yes, yes, stereotyping, or whatever. So what?)

    I wonder if Mx. Frost is a transplanted Masshole. (Though coastal NH has its homegrown idiots.)

    If it is meant for Mx. Frost, then a .22 is appropriate: varmint rifle, yeah?

    • Padawan says:

      Considering she has a 978 (Mass) area code I’d say she’s a transplant.

      Of course she’s appalling. According to the Useless Leader article I posted to you in another thread:

      “The website, govpredict.com “where data meets politics” in November gave Frost the award for “pottiest mouth politician.”

      “Sherry Frost, a state legislator from New Hampshire has cursed an amazing 415 times since 2017 (353 if you don’t count “d*mn”). She has posted an original Tweet with a curse word 331 times and retweeted 84 potty mouthed posts. Her favorite curse word is sh**, which she has used 119 times, with *rick (91 times) and f(***) close behind,” the site posted.

      I swear like a sailor but I’m nothing like this potty mouth.

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