Inspired by Kerodin?

The Southern District of New York (SDNY) has announced criminal charges against attorney Michael Avenatti (full complaint pdf below) for attempting to extract more than $20 million in payments from Nike Corp, a publicly traded company, by threatening to use his ability to garner publicity to inflict substantial financial and reputational harm on the company if his demands were not met.


If you’re not familiar with Christian “Sam” Kerodin’s extortion scam, you can read all about it HERE
Pay special attention to the part in the 3rd paragraph about him hobnobbing with the federales – and now he professes to be a leader in the Patriot community, with God knows how many imaginary followers ready to do his bidding.

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3 Responses to Inspired by Kerodin?

  1. UH1H CE says:

    Just curious: Is Christian related to Sammy, or is it just something about being named Kerodin?

    • Wirecutter says:

      Christian Kerodin is Sam Kerodin. Same guy. Born Christian Hyman, changed his name to Kerodin because he got tired of being called Pussy in High School, I imagine. You can change the name but you can’t quit being a pussy unless you change your lifestyle.
      Actually, he claims he changed it because the muslims were ‘after him’ after a critical article he wrote. Paranoia runs deep.

  2. Avenatti and Hymen are two nuts in the same sack. They are of like mind, but apparently, Avenatti thought bigger than IIITard did. BTW, since the SPLC has been in the news recently for firing their leadership, I did some checkin’. Guess what, THEY don’t even think IIITurd is a threat to anyone, especially the Government or their leftist communist friends.
    Remember when IIITard was so happy that he made the anemic SPLC “Threat” list? Hell, he still has it on his sidebar with a link,
    “6 years running! Your charming and patriotic host remains the ONLY Patriot listed BY NAME!” (it only had his name because he named his blog after himself).
    Unfortunately, that link on his site goes to the updated version that doesn’t list him LOL (let’s see how long it takes him to change it, once he reads this). That list has “ALL” the “bad guys” including of all things, the “Constitution Party” and the “John Birch Society”, ButButBut…. no “kerodin” anything.
    Keep in mind, they listed him as a threat from MD in a 2017 posting, but he lived in Idaho at that time. Guess they didn’t get his “Hey guys, I moved” memo. The original link is here,
    and he’s listed as, Gaithersburg MD
    They even still have Vanderboegh listed as a “threat” (linked to the threat list), and he’s dead.
    When you search IIITurd’s name on the SPLC website you get a link to him being a criminal, and another post about Vanderboegh where it mentions the IIITard. Here’s the quote,
    “At another point, he (Vanderboegh) challenged the credibility of another antigovernment activist, Christian Allen Kerodin, who attempted to build a marketing scheme around the III Percent concept. Kerodin, a Maryland contractor and convicted extortionist, collected money in 2013 to promote a walled “Citadel” city, complete with a firearms factory, in North Idaho – a plan that went nowhere, just as Vanderboegh predicted.”
    I guess Scambo is losing his touch, he doesn’t make the SPLC list anymore (shown here).
    You’d think they’d at least give him a “Dishonorable Mention”, after all, all he does is try to scam the people that SPLC finds repugnant.

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