It wouldn’t bother me one bit if they’d shot them instead

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana State Police have handed out more than 200 tickets to motorists for driving too slowly in the left lane.

WRTV-TV reports that state police ticketed 87 drivers in 2017 for left lane violations and 132 in 2018. The law enforcement agency also gave more than 1,000 warnings last year.

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9 Responses to It wouldn’t bother me one bit if they’d shot them instead

  1. singlestack says:

    I wish they would do that in Mississippi. I travel all over the state and it drives me crazy when some asshole is poking along in the left lane and won’t move over.
    Young black women are the worst. As a group they’re the most entitled bunch of assholes you’ll meet.

    • Mike_C says:

      “Young black women are the worst. As a group they’re the most entitled bunch of assholes you’ll meet.”

      Oh, that seems a bit harsh. After all, at a mere 156 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, they are 9th and 10th generation Slavery Survivors and as such have earned some slack.

  2. John says:

    Now, how about those semi trucks that pass another truck doing the same speed, or 0.0001MPH faster?

  3. brighteyes says:

    These are the very people that cause accidents but are not involved in accidents. People attempting to get around them are the ones being hurt. I cannot imagine they do not know what they are doing. I think it a control issue, using a vehicle to fuck with people and just plain mean.

  4. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    I remember when I-65 was finally finished and my Dad bravely drove down the ramp to drive on it for the first time. He maneuvered into the left lane and was tooling along doing about 50 MPH. Meantime the sound of screeching tires, drivers flipping him off, rolling down windows to curse at him, etc. ensued.
    Wasn’t long before a ISP trooper was on his ass and lit him up. He pulled onto the shoulder and the trooper asked for the usual, which he provided, with a question of “what seems to be the problem”. Trooper asked him if he had ever driven on an interstate highway before and did he not know the left lane is the “fast” lane and why are you driving 50 MPH in it? So my Dad told him yes, he HAD driven on one before and noted to the trooper the minimum speed was 45 and he was driving faster than the minimum. Trooper told him he was just “this close” to getting a ticket for driving too slow, and if you intend to poke along, stay in the right-hand lane otherwise you’ll cause a wreck.
    Dad had smoke coming out his ears the rest of the day-he was SO mad! I was about 10 and enjoyed bringing the episode up frequently to embarrass him “Hey Dad, remember that time you almost got a ticket for driving too SLOW?
    I don’t recall him driving on an interstate highway again. He went out of his way to take the “old road”.

  5. the other other Andrew says:

    I remember an old Ohio State Safety Film (remember those in Drivers’ Ed?) where a multi-fatality crash was linked… to the little old lady who was driving too slow.

    Loved seeing those movies.

  6. Blue Tile Spook says:

    The news story is not descriptive of exactly why the drivers were ticketed. Yes, it says that slower drivers must move over.

    In practice, on I-69 (North – South Interstate), the speed limit is 70 mph. If I am running 74 mph in the left lane (already speeding) and someone comes up behind me at 80 mph, I must move over to the left lane or risk a ticket. Citizens brought up the idea to legislators that, “If I’m already speeding in the left lane and someone wants to speed FASTER in the left lane, why do I have to move over as long as I’m not ‘camping’ in the left lane or purposely blocking traffic?”

    e.g., Three semis in the right lane traveling at 65-67 mph, spread out a little, and it takes me 30 seconds to a minute to get around all three and move into the right lane, and I’ve got three people behind me traveling at 80 mph. Why do I get a ticket for holding up traffic at 74 mph if I’m already over the speed limit?

    Answer: I’m in breach for impeding the flow of traffic, so I get a “slow speed” ticket. The faster drivers? The cops will get them for excessive speed (if they clock them and are not focused on me “holding up” traffic”.

    So, without knowing if the ticketed drivers were “camping” or if it was a situation as I’ve written above (and experienced many times, without the ticket) traveling between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, please don’t judge the motorists for “camping” or running under the speed limit.

    Anecdotally, the only place that I see people pulled over by police on a regular basis is in the construction zones (45 mph speed limits) or right at the north edge of Indy where the speed limit drops and people don’t back off the throttle quick enough to comply. 75 – 80 mph speeds are pretty much the norm after reaching Anderson, and definitely near Fort Wayne and north to the state line because it is a very rural section of the state.



  7. Aggie says:

    In Texas they now have two highway signs directed at Left-lane Bandits: “Slower Traffic Keep Right” and “Left Lane for Passing Only”. Where it’s posted, it’s a hefty fine for getting caught doing otherwise. Seems to have considered all of the arguments those dunderheads have to offer, i.e. “I was going at the speed limit officer” and similar smart ass arguments, with 25 cars piled up 10 ft apart behind them. I’d sure like to see more of these tickets being issued with great big fines, they create a worse hazard than speeders.

  8. Bacon says:

    There’s an inherent flaw in many of these arguments. Those speeders being delayed are fully responsible for slowing down, and then backing off, until they can pass safely. While the slowpokes might be assholes and they might be incompetent drivers, it simply isn’t true that slower drivers “cause” any of these accidents. The road ragers pulling around them, and flipping them off and otherwise driving distracted, are always 100% morally responsible for any accidents, regardless of who the “law” might decide to ticket.

    It’s simple physics: if the guy in front of you is going 75, you simply ain’t going 80, at least not in that particular lane. Just fucking deal with it.

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