JEDBURGER (with cheese, please)!!!

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  1. Antibubba says:

    Looks like fun!

  2. Grog says:

    That must have taken years of practice to be accurate.

  3. pigpen51 says:

    Well, now if the military ever goes up against some nation who uses tree stumps in their front lines, we know who to call on to train our special ops teams.
    I actually got involved with things at the very tail end of Special Sammy and his cry for help. So I don’t really know everything that went on and all the nuances of the back and forth, but I do know exactly his type, for there are many out there. I have learned many things in my life, even though at times it might seem to some that I am close to that I am naive. One of the things that I have learned is that most of the time, people who are bullies tend to be the least dangerous ones in the room. The only thing I would fear about them is that they are nearly always liars, and usually look to hurt the ones who they are afraid of with their lies.
    Just how a person like this one is able to fool so many people, not for a short time, but for a long time, is really amazing. It does not take a hugely popular person to fool even a large number of people, for a short time. You simply speak the kind of language that they are used to, and then tweak it to sort of turn it your way, so that you can move the crowd in the direction that you want them to go. This is much like the way that a good cattle dog will use to herd a group of cattle. He won’t actually push them, so much as lead them, in a way, to get them to think that they want to go in the direction that he wants them to go. And pretty soon, you get the entire herd moving in the direction that the dog, and also the cowboy, wanted the cattle to go in the first place.
    The problem is that for a man like Sammy, it is apparent to most people that he is a phony, and they will quickly turn away and not follow him. So he ends up splitting up the herd, and only has a small number following him, while the rest of the herd is scattered, with many no longer content to follow the rest of the herd, but instead wandering around, with no clue as to where they want to go, and end up alone, but easily drawn into the next group with an interesting leader. And the group who is hurt is the one who was following in the right direction.
    Now with Sammy totally discredited, and gone, for the most part, what is left is a mess, which was caused by his own narcissism. At his beginning, he may have had the best of intents at heart. I don’t know, both because I was not involved, and I really am not a psychologist. But we do know that it ended up with him being looking only for his own gain and recognition.
    I know, another long comment, by someone who is often wrong, and sometimes right. But I look at people like Sammy, and I see pretty much nothing but a Democrat. Convinced that they are the only one who knows right, and if the rest of the world doesn’t follow them, then the world doesn’t have a prayer. Or perhaps, in speaking of prayer, the kind of person who is a Christian, who has the word from the mountain top, and if the rest of the people won’t listen to him, then they are headed for hell. While the Christians simply watch, and are dumbfounded, at the display of hatred.

  4. Differ says:

    Tactical training value; questionable, fun quotient; high

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