No worries there

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20 Responses to No worries there

  1. Frank G says:

    Mission Accomplished™

  2. wandering neurons says:

    (reference to In Living Color)

  3. censusdesignatedplace says:

    Doesn’t really need the sign from my pov.

  4. Jack says:

    The greys are real

  5. Elmo says:

    WTF is it?
    With the emphasis on ‘it’.

  6. meh says:

    That’s a man, baby!
    – Austin Powers

  7. Rick T says:

    Not even sure what species that is, much less sex

  8. LiveFEEthenDie says:

    Are these feminism signs real or are they photoshopped bs? Can’t be real…

  9. Jason says:

    That wearing a corset does not denote ones sex and that the basic, natural human right to not be raped is enshrined in western culture and US law, DOES NOT mean that third wave femenism is NOT a bigoted famale supremacist Maxist world view. That sign is a total nonsequiter

  10. thinkingman says:

    Well, THAT answers questions nobody was about to ask!

  11. arc says:

    Seems to be working… I wouldn’t touch that even if I were paid.

  12. 15Fixer says:

    WTF, O??????

  13. Gumbodunker says:

    That’s the closest a face looking like a foot I’ve ever experienced!

  14. singlestack says:

    The women who do the “not asking to be raped” protest schtick are always butt ugly and have virtually no chance of being raped.

  15. Mike_C says:

    “… Does NOT mean that I am either a GIRL…”

    In general all that gender confusion stuff sounds bogus to me, but in this case, the person may be entirely correct. A genetic analysis is clearly called for, what with the short stature, no neck, puffy hands (can’t see the knuckles), and strange chest shape.

    Hmm. I was being sarcastic above, but on second thought, I’m thinking that this person probably DOES have some significant medical/genetic abnormality. Maybe Turner Syndrome (45X0).

  16. nwoldude says:

    Oh sure! Like everybody is getting so much leg!

  17. Bg says:

    What even is that creature?

  18. Scarecrow says:

    It’s lips say no, but it’s eyes say….yeah, baby!

  19. Back woods okie says:

    Has to in the ” Top ten ugliest women of all time”

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