Pest Control Texas Style

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  1. M. Sage says:

    And this little piggy took an ounce of buckshot to the ass.

  2. Ken Powers says:

    It doesn’t look like that was their first time doing that; that guy is pretty good shot.
    It looks like fun……until you gotta go back for the hogs.

  3. Ranch says:

    Awesome vid.. The guy is very good on the move with a laser sight. Me thinks he is using a high tech compressed air gun from the lack of report.

  4. grego says:

    Wow. That is some kind of magical ray-gun that these guys are using. I am amazed that the gun even emits puffs of smoke.

  5. grego says:

    Ya know what I think would be funny? Planting a bunch of those hogs in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Maybe India too. That would give those murderers something new to be outraged about. Yeh. Turkey! Turkey too and Uzbekistan and Kurdistan. That might convert a bunch of those people who aren’t supposed to raise, or eat pork.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Germany and England too. Can’t forget them.

      • Sarthurk says:

        You scored on that comment!
        And what was that? A black powder AR? Shmoky! On the other hand, I found a powder for my 7mag BAR, that was cheap and was very consistent, but it was smokey as well.
        Actually, at night, illuminated by a bright light at !3 feet, would very likely create that image. Basically, you can’t see the smoke in daylight.

      • Trib says:

        Ship them to Somali, Minnesota USA

      • MartinFromGermany says:

        Thank you very much but there is no need to drop another invasive species into Germany. We already have got enough on our hands with all the wild boars in Germany. They have turned into real pest…as all invasive species are wont to do. I am referring exclusively to animals here, of course.

  6. Cavguy says:

    Where do I sign up! Pig roast follows range fire!


  7. Bert says:

    Ok if I buy these guys a bus ticket to Baltimore?

  8. Critter says:

    I’m going one of these days. :)

  9. censusdesignatedplace says:

    There’s a vid out there of Heli hunting and he’s using a semiauto 12ga with I think slugs. Pretty good. Devastating to the porkers.

  10. Murkan Mike says:

    Seems like a waste of meat if they aren’t eating them. I used to travel to south Texas and shoot those feral hogs, and i don’t remember them tasting as good as our German wild boar, but they were edible. I was kind of surprised that nobody was havine trichinosis checks done on them though.

  11. rightwingterrorist says:

    That’s just about what I get to do in my back yard.

  12. Noveske Lou says:

    I use a Ruger 77/44 fully suppressed the length of the barrel with a Leupold 6x scope – only good to a range of 100 yards but whatever you see you can hit and drop quietly

  13. Scruff says:

    Looks like the driver was racking up quite a score as well, what are they using?

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