“Screw you guys, I’m going home”

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16 Responses to “Screw you guys, I’m going home”

  1. Lord of the Fleas says:

    And that’s why the guy in the back seat gets punched out first….

  2. Drew in Michigan says:

    Is that mcstain? Inquiring minds and all…

  3. Roger says:

    Daymn that was some powerful chili last nite!

  4. The Rat Fink says:

    “If y’all are gonna start makin sense around here I’m goin home!”

  5. Flight-ER-Doc says:

    Never want to do that again…..

    And yes, I did…from the front seat.

  6. brighteyes says:

    When I don’t like the movie, I leave.

  7. Bacon says:

    Hope the soles and shanks of those boots are well insulated.

  8. skybill says:

    HI KENNY!!!!!!
    “BITCHIN’!!!!!!!!” Great shot!! It’s a “TEST!! shot… that’s a “Dummy in the seat…. from some test program!!……. ‘Aint gonna get a camera man next to a live shot like that!!

    ‘Worked for several Aerospace Companies on many test programs and i have to say it was “FUN!!!”

    From puttin’ firecracker’s under tin can’s to see how high we could make them go when we were kids to stuff like that…. “The only difference between Men and Boys is the ‘PRICE’ of their TOYS!!!!!!!”

    ‘Worked on the “ACES II” Test program for McDonnell-Douglas back in ’77!!!!! From “Zero-Zero thru 600kt.!!!!! After a 600kt. test I got to do the canopy inspection in the shop!! The fabric was “Crystalized!!” from the stress and hear of that blast of 600 kt air!!! Lotsa’ fun!!

    ‘Don’t recognize the seat in the photo?? ‘Have to do some diggin’…

    Blue skies,

  9. A Freeman says:

    Taco Bell for lunch they said, it’ll be fine they said.

  10. (((Doc B))) says:

    When I quit working at one particularly bad company, I sent a very similar picture as a company wide email announcing my two weeks notice.

  11. Gryphon says:

    Yeah, Ground Test with the Cockpit Section on a Rocket Sled doing Speed. Years Ago, I ran into Scott Crossfield, one of the Master Engineers and Test Pilots for the old X-15 Rocket Plane. Nothing had been Built that could Fly that Fast, and there was No Ejection Seat that could handle even Mach 3 without Killing the Pilot. He was Proudest of the Work to build a Seat that would Work at Mach 6, Zero Altitude (Mach 6 was as Fast as the Rocket Sled could Run, the Plane was Faster at Altitude.) Sadly, the in Two Crashes of that Airplane Series, the Pilots remained with the Aircraft, trying to Save it, instead of ‘Punching Out’.

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