Socialism In The UK Means No Pools, No Swearing, And Citizens Pulling Their Own Teeth

They have already happened to various people across the United Kingdom, which in some respects is leading the charge to 21st century “Big Brother” authoritarianism.

It’s all real, and it’s all disturbing. To humanize it a little bit we have pulled several true events together into a single story about a man we’ll call “George.”

George thinks he might stop by the community garden. His neighbors regularly gather there around a waist-deep, inflatable pool they purchased to beat the summer heat.

But then he remembers that the landlords ordered the pool removed… they were concerned that a burglar might inadvertently hurt himself while attempting to rob a home, so the pool needed to go.

Instead George figures he’ll get a start on some errands. He hops in his work van and stops for a bite to eat on the way into town.

But when George’s meat-lovers pizza arrives, it looks quite sparse and smaller than he remembers.

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5 Responses to Socialism In The UK Means No Pools, No Swearing, And Citizens Pulling Their Own Teeth

  1. Ragnar says:

    For vendetta.

  2. FaCubeItches says:

    The Artist Formerly Known As Great Britain

  3. Nemo says:

    A country that refuses to protect its women and children is doomed.

    The citizens of the UK fucked up when they allowed the confiscation of their guns, instead of descending en masse on Parliament after that vote and hanging every MP that voted to confiscate.

    Oh, the queen was disturbed by a mass school shooting and ORDERED Parliament to pass that law to protect “HER SUBJECTS”. Since the law was passed, violent crime has quadrupled and the fucking “bobbies” do nothing.

    Course, now, UK citizens are twice fucked. They have no means to effectively defend themselves and when they do, against a criminal on their own property, the property owner is arrested, charged, tried and convicted FOR DEFENDING THEMSELVES.

    Lovely country. …and this what’s in store for us, if the Demonrats EVER hold decisive power in Washington again.

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