The Ultimate Preppers

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  1. WoodBurner says:

    ….And they lived happily ever after…

  2. TC says:

    Very smart of them to flee based on how cruel the Jewish Bolsheviks were to Christians.

    • Bacon says:

      It wasn’t bolsheviks they were fleeing, it was actually other sects of Christianity that didn’t accept the “Old Order” Christian ways.

      And despite the lies folks like you keep telling, historically the vast majority of the bolsheviks weren’t Jewish anyway. The bolsheviks killed a much higher percentage of Jews than Christians, even though the overall Christian numbers were higher.

      • AK49 says:

        Bolshevism has it’s roots in judaism, it doesn’t matter how much the zio-christians wish otherwise, the reason “the vast majority of bolsheviks weren’t jews” is because they made up a tiny fraction of the population as they do in most countries yet are over represented in certain areas.

        They were old believers fleeing commies, I don’t think it was ‘Christian commies’ persecuting them.

        Another fun factoid of the relations between the tribe and commies.

        Do yourself a favor and stop watching John Hagee sermons, and do some objective research even if it has some less than flattering things to say about the tribe.

        • TC says:

          I was going to tell him to read some Solzhenitsyn or Donald Day’s “Onward Christian Soldiers” but this is a pretty good rundown

          • Bacon says:

            Read them both, long ago. Donald Day was Nazi scum and the ONLY reason he wasn’t convicted of treason was because he was needed to turn evidence on others.

            Also read that article, two years ago. The VT website is not a valid source of information on ANY topic, just pure garbage. Simple hate dressed up, lipstick on a pig.

            Let’s be clear about what’s really going on here, TC. This was a nice, pleasant meme about one of the greatest human survival stories ever. Regardless of your personal beliefs, it takes a special kind of stupid to turn such a great story into a Christian vs. Jew hate-fest, but you did it. Guess you’re just that special.

            People are free to disagree, but in all of your many comments, you never contribute anything useful, you merely spew, so what are you doing here anyway, besides being a troll?

  3. brighteyes says:

    40 years in the Tundra? Doesn’t appear they escaped religious persecution to me.

  4. Paul B says:

    that is some serious skills. They are dressed pretty good for living out on there own for so long.

    there are still some places in the US you might be able to pull something like that off but not many.

  5. taminator013 says:

    Can you imagine the incest going on?

  6. J-Dog says:

    It’s a heck of a story. One bad harvest nearly did them in, if I recall. They ended up having to actually post a round the clock watch on the last patch of their wheat so the pests didn’t get it. Unfortunately, weak immune systems and diseases from the folks that found them did what the Bolsheviks failed to.

  7. Bacon says:

    Didn’t look it up but from memory, (so excuse me if I flub some details):

    Although technically Siberia, the Lykovs actually lived pretty far south, not all that far north of the Chinese border. Still a rough climate. Totally untamed wilderness, extremely difficult to traverse, hidden so deep in a canyon that passing aircraft couldn’t spot them. Although the nearest settlement might be only 150 miles away, there was zero contact so those geologists were not only the first outside voices they heard in over four decades, they were also the first source of supply. Until then, they had made do with only what the parents had originally been able to carry with them. Not much more than knives, seeds, pots and pans.

    With no weapons, their son, who passed away at a relatively young age, had hunted deer by running them down mile after mile until they were too exhausted to escape. Once he was gone, there was very little meat in their diet. Their garden was small and not very diverse since they had no source of replacement seeds and had experienced some years in which the garden failed. Their small garden was situated way high up on the very steep hill above their home both for sunlight in those canyons and to keep wildlife away from it.

    They were visited several more times over the years and offered supplies or relocation but AFAIK they all chose to stay where they were and continue the life they had been living. They also only accepted a few minimal supplies, such as a new cookpot. Last update a few years ago was that only one daughter remained, living all alone in that same wilderness, and asking to be left alone.

  8. Bacon says:

    Sorry, wrote Old Order above a couple of times, meant Old Believer.

  9. censusdesignatedplace says:

    “It’s less dangerous, to run across a wild animal than a stranger”.
    I believe this is still true.

  10. Aesop says:

    International Hide & Seek semi-finalists.

    • Weso Phuct says:

      The winner still hasn’t been found.
      But the Japanese soldier from WW2 who didn’t surrender until 1974 did come close.

  11. Spencer Lewis says:

    One of them (the girl in the middle I think) still lives out there. Her name is Agafia. There’s a bunch of videos about her on youtube.

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