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  1. AlphaDelta says:

    The sad part is if one looks at the first image, that was from damn near a decade ago. Should make folks think again about their tolerance of ghey marriage, yes?

    • Jeremy says:

      The second is from a scant three years later. Didn’t take them long to destroy the poor kid’s life.

  2. Elmo says:

    Meanwhile, last month;
    ‘California Democrats Author Bill to Protect Sex Offenders Who Lure Minors’
    And no, I didn’t make that up either.

  3. Hybo says:

    I have always thought that it should be absolutely illegal for homosexuals to adopt ANY child, period. Please don’t let any homosexual to be around your child, whether you are there or not. (Putting on my flame-proof suit on now)

    • censusdesignatedplace says:

      They probably shouldn’t be allowed pets, either.

      Can I borrow your spare flame proof suit?

    • Exile1981 says:

      Statistically people who are gay or lesbian are 5 times more likely to be involved in a domestic abuse incident and 10 times as likely to be convicted for pedophilia. So yes there is a correlation.

    • Richard Watson says:

      Some years back when I was living in Illinois the State pulled the license of Catholic Charities to facilitate adoptions because it refused to place children with homosexual couples.

  4. the other other Andrew says:

    But they (the glitter crowd) keep telling me gays aren’t pedophiles…

    Fire. Lots of fire. Many much more fire. Sticky fire. Ropy fire. Magnesium fire. Phosphorus fire. Even… Nuclear Fire (if you can get them all in one place that doesn’t matter to the rest of the country…)

  5. Padawan says:

    Who cares what orientation parents are as long as the child is raised in a loving, caring, nutruing, happy, healthy etc. household?

    • Jackdaddy63 says:

      Padawan, you’re right about kids being raised in a good household, and I’m sure some gay dads are perfectly good parents. I just wonder if on average gay parents are a net positive for society or not. The trick is in getting an unbiased study of the results of gay parenting.

      • Bacon says:

        It would probably be impossible to design an unbiased study. The tools of the social sciences are inherently biased. They are also much better at handling quantitative questions than qualitative ones.

      • Richard Watson says:

        What is best for the child? Two Dads or a Dad and Mom?

        When hetero parents are travelling to China and other countries to find a child to adopt or advertising to pay tens of thousands to unwed mothers, there is no excuse for this.

    • pigpen51 says:

      Padawan, I also have to agree with you. I would much rather see a child raised in a home with decent gay parents, than in some of the trash parents that you really can see on any day, at any time, just by walking into a Walmart. That is sadly, no joke.
      I am a Christian who actually knows the Bible, and has studied this issue out, in the original languages, and while it has been awhile, I do know several passages of the New Testament that explain just why just such a thing can be.
      Just realize, I did not say that it is acceptable for a gay couple to have a child and to abuse that child, sexually or otherwise. Jesus said, while taking a child and setting the child in the midst of them, said that it would be better that they place a millstong around their neck and through them into the water and drown, than to cause harm to one of these little children.

    • WoodBurner says:

      In this case the conditions you described appear to be in place as well as a pedophile ring.

      Yea, Who Cares.


  6. Dav says:

    I agree with the other Andrew. A cleansing Fire is required.

  7. Paul B says:

    Kills me gays are upset when the kid is straight. Nuts

  8. czechsix says:

    Couple of .22lr right behind the ear would do just fine for those two.

    • Jeremy says:

      Base of the skull between the first and second vertebra. Sever the spine so they don’t claw up the casket when they are buried.

    • Nemo says:

      According to my buddy Guido, a .22 short is a much better option for close range head shots. Round penetrates the skull then bounces around inside scrambling brain matter leaving less of a mess to clean up. ;^))

  9. Straight One says:

    A man is not a woman and a woman is not a man. They are different. Even “Time” figured that out a few years ago. Children need both. Dr. Laura told the story of being on the beach and observing a tiny family. The mom hugged the child in the water and after a bit passed the child to the dad who turned around the child and splashed the child into the waves. Her point was the child needs both. Period. Lesbians cannot be men. Homosexuals cannot be women. When placed in either position, children miss out. Further, homosexuality was a diagnosable condition as of the DSM3 and was removed in the DSM4 via political pressure and threats. We discussed the characteristics necessitating a psych diagnosis in class. I further worked with one who, over time, illustrated by his life every point I had learned in class. Children don’t need to be in that environment. Period.
    link for Time cover: https://www.psephizo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/1101920120_400.jpg

  10. Towser says:

    Anyone ever notice homosexual parents ALWAYS either adopt or have one surrogate parent? Gee, I wonder why? On another note, child molestation is child molestation regardless of the molester’s declared “orientation”. Many of a molester are display accepted heterosexual relationships and/or marriages. They often molest their own children – their own blood. While I’m far from an advocate for homosexuality – when one’s sexual activity is a matter of preference and choice – it is their business not mine. As far as pedophilia and child molestation goes – I won’t offer any answers as I don’t have any but let us not cloud the issues. The real problem as I see it is the foster/adoptive process in this country. Both homosexual and heterosexual parents are vetted by the same processes. These processes are totally lacking, as is every socialist (government) program dealing with children.

    • Padawan says:

      Not to mention that adopting a child in this country is extremely expensive and the reason why childless parents grow up in group homes or live in utterly shitty situations.

  11. Scarecrow says:

    I wonder if anyone forwarded the second article to this “Ginger Gorman”.

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