Use Binoculars to Locate Turkeys

USA – -( My longtime friend, Preston Pittman of Pickens, Mississippi, one of the nation’s top competitive turkey callers, has won five turkey-calling championships.

Not only is Pittman a contest winner, Preston Pittman actually becomes the turkey when hunting. On a “David Letterman Show” several years ago, Pittman strutted and gobbled and preened himself just like a wild turkey would. According to Pittman, if you’re hoping to take turkeys in the spring, you must observe turkey body language with your binoculars and use that knowledge to become the turkey.

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  1. Nemo says:

    Over the last five years I’ve hunted turkeys twice. Scored on opening day both times. Spent a total of 1 hour 25 minutes to bag both birds. Longest shot was 22 yards. No fancy blinds or decoys. I use a regular box call, a slate with two different scratchers and a crow call. Read one book on the subject and watched two vids on calling techniques. I’m no expert, but turkey hunting doesn’t seem all that difficult to me. I think the advantage I have is that is little to no human hunting pressure on them where I hunt. Could be I’m just incredibly lucky when it comes to turkeys. I wish I could be that lucky with deer.

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