An Khe Airfield

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  1. Jeremy says:

    More spine in any segment of that video than in the entire 116th Congress.

  2. Djamer says:

    Our new director at GVSC (TARDEC) just came over from AMRDEC (Redstone Arsenal, Al). Nice guy, sorta, and a huge Crimson Tide fan. . .

  3. 15Fixer says:

    I love these stories…..

  4. Paul B says:

    Big Brass Balls. All of them.

  5. H says:

    When I was a young ‘un, the intonation of the phrase “if you ain’t Cav, you ain’t shit” was obligatory upon these occasions, as well as the lead-in to many a bar fight. But over time I’ve become pleased to admit that all the kids in Army Aviation back in those days were all right after all.

    H Troop, 17th Air Cav, Viet Nam.

  6. pigpen51 says:

    T-Rex, isn’t that?

  7. Burgess Schnitzius says:

    A sliver C-130? After they paint them in camo, they are expendable. A B-model with no tail code so it must be when they first arrived at Clark.

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