Australian nurse was ordered to keep war crimes secret

It is a secret that Australian army nurses from World War Two took to their graves. One was told by the Australian government to make no mention of violation by the Japanese in her statement before the war crimes tribunal.

Now author Lynette Silver, known as “the history detective”, has pulled together all the evidence and says categorically that 22 nurses were raped before they were forced into the sea and machine-gunned. Only one survived.

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  1. Paul B says:

    Bad guys do not follow the Geneva Conventions.

    Justice is something else. I would take solace in the fact I did not die when they wanted me to.

    At least they are on our side now. If we have a dust up with China I would not expect they would take good care of any POWS. But that is a guess.

  2. georgiaboy61 says:

    That the leaders of Imperial Japan did not suffer the same fate – the same reckoning at the hands of justice – as did their counterparts the National Socialists in post-war Germany, is because of the real-politik of the emerging Cold War against the USSR and Communist Bloc nations.

    Whereas the Nuremberg Tribunals were conducted in post-war Germany alongside a massive de-Nazification campaign, there were comparatively few senior Japanese political officials and military officers tried, convicted and punished after the surrender on September 1, 1945. Nor was the national leader forced to step down; Emperor Hirohito remained on his throne, albeit in a mostly-symbolic capacity as long as American occupation forces remained in Japan proper.

    The leniency granted Japan was determined to be necessary, at the highest political levels, as the necessary price to be paid for securing Japanese cooperation against communism. Unfortunately, this decision proved to be extremely painful and costly for the Anglo-American survivors of Japanese war crimes such as the Bataan Death March, and the families of the victims of such atrocities. They would not receive the justice they so richly deserved.

    • About what war was it said, “The past is not dead, it isn’t even past”.

    • Bacon says:

      Did you write that or are you quoting something?

      Certainly the Japanese should have been forced to acknowledge their war crimes but there were a number of reasons why they got a pass. One of them was their utter demoralization. With the Germans, we merely defeated them. With the Japanese, we destroyed the former basis for their entire culture. Their Emperor had been a deity to them and he was publicly humiliated. Historical documents indicate TPTB thought it was enough.

  3. pigpen51 says:

    Thanks for letting this story be finally told. Women are every bit as brave as men, and I don’t want to hear any word on the contrary. Their place might not be on the front lines, but if not for women, the resistance in Europe wouldn’t have been as effective as it was.
    And a great debt of thanks to the people who made sure that we knew about the abusive treatment of these human beings by the Japanese, before they executed them.
    Many people say after a war, you must forgive and forget. I am a Christian, but I just can’t do it. When I see pictures on the front page of our local paper, with a woman and her 2nd husband, also a Vietnam pilot veteran, visiting where her first husband of 1.5 years crashed, and his 3 member crew were executed, and the chopper burned, by the man standing in the picture with them, and she said she had no bad feelings towards him, I wanted to be there, for all of the husband’s and father’s who didn’t get to come home. The treatment of our soldiers has always been bad. We have at times, been guilty also, and that’s wrong, as well. But it was the rare occasion when we raped and tortured as a battle tactic.
    I know, I have a hard heart when it comes to our soldiers, but I don’t want to change, they are simply too important and special to me. I pray that God will forgive my unforgiving heart.

  4. Edward Sibley Dutcher says:

    Both American and British nurses were raped and freely shared their stories.

    Why would the Diggers cover them up for all this time?

    MacArthur, of course, wanted as many Nips as possible to pay and got a few of the biggies. Needless to say, the Lefties have been denouncing him for it ever since.

    And retention of the emperor, whose role in the war has been a matter of some controversy, was the one sticking point. If that was what saved maybe a million American casualties (do you know we’re still using the Purple Hearts originally made for the Downfall campaign?), it was probably worth it.

    PS Bullwinkel? I can’t, I just can’t…

    • Johno says:

      Sorry, not true about MacArthur. He was complicit in the US allowing so many Japanese war criminals escape even appearing before a trial or tribunal, let alone serving gaol terms or being executed for war crimes, and/or crimes against humanity in occupied areas. So many Korean war criminals also faced no punishment for their crimes against allied prisoners of war, interned civilians and the deaths of tens of thousands of Asian civilian (so-called) contract laborers.

      What also was so wrong about the Japanese military culture of the time, was their institutionalized slavery of ‘comfort women’ for their officers and troops. Yes, rape is a fact of life in wartime, but the Sons of Nippon took it to a new level.

      The US should have left the islands of Japan as desolate barren rocks, able only to glow in the dark, as the recipient of countless atomic or hydrogen bombs. I have no ill-will against individual Japanese people, but their culture did not deserve to prosper.

      • Jason says:

        Never before have a people surrendered so thoroughly or so well. That culture is gone; there is no martial culture left. The Japanese people don’t even want a real navy anymore.

  5. Sanders says:

    The atrocities the japs committed made the nazis look like a bunch of pikers.

  6. warhorse says:

    honestly, it would have been more of a story if they didn’t rape them. japanese soldiers raped island girls that a drunken blind man just out of 20 years in prison would say “oh hell no” to.

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