Bad. Ass.

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6 Responses to Bad. Ass.

  1. loaded4bear says:

    Want one.

  2. spiffy says:

    Fossil working guy here–
    I also worked for glass factory years back…
    If that is a CAST-I think it will be fine- as the casting process can incorporate rigid center to the tusks and skull.
    If it is REAL-it is HUGE chunk of Fail!
    The tusks are brittle- the skull is spongey. I wouldn’t trust the tusks to support jack -even if glue impregnated- Especially a big ass plate of glass!!! Add a full round of dinner ware and food, drinks etc? LOL BOOM!
    ALSO especially during the party when you aren’t looking and some dipshit SITS on the edge… Hope they put video on YouTube :)-

  3. goetz von berlichingen says:

    You should see the toilet there!

  4. Daryl says:

    How much does a skull and tusks go for? Might give me the impetus to move to the tundra and start digging.

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