Because the methods used to spy on us are so much more important than our children’s safety…

The Department of Justice has been dismissing child pornography cases in order to not reveal information about the software programs used as the basis for the charges.

An array of cases suggest serious problems with the tech tools used by federal authorities. But the private entities who developed these tools won’t submit them for independent inspection or hand over hardly any information about how they work, their error rates, or other critical information. As a result, potentially innocent people are being smeared as pedophiles and prosecuted as child porn collectors, while potentially guilty people are going free so these companies can protect “trade secrets.”
-Jeffery in Alabama

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6 Responses to Because the methods used to spy on us are so much more important than our children’s safety…

  1. Larry says:

    Yes, actually they are. Churchill could’ve prevented the bombing of Coventry had he been willing to compromise the Ultra secret (the breaking of Nazi militarycodes). A few hundred or a few thousand kids molested versus hundreds of thousands or millions of dead in today’s nuclear world — no question which most people would choose so long as the kid wasn’t their own. Anyone who thinks state hacking secrets aren’t that valuable are welcome to put their own kids on the altar stone and bet they’re right. It sucks, but with war, especially nuclear war, on the table, breaks into purposefully hidden systems ARE state secrets worth more than platinum. And, no, I hate it. But it’s still true.

  2. Martin says:

    once a innocent guy’s case hits the right appellate court, this will get resolved.

  3. warhorse says:

    if you knew a little about computers, you’d know how easy it is to plant a few pictures on someone’s computer. and it might be that the pics aren’t something you’d think of as child porn either. there was a playboy playmate that was 17 when her pics were taken. (published december of 1968). about everything tracy lords did was underage, but if you saw it you wouldn’t even know unless you knew who she was. plenty of other examples out there..send one as an attachment to an e-mail or put it behind another picture (or even IN another picture…look up steganography) on a website, and boom now it’s on your computer somewhere.

    • RosalindJ says:

      That was my first thought – they didn’t want to reveal information about the software programs they’ve used to plant the pics.

  4. the other jack says:

    spy? or plant false evidence??

  5. anonymous says:

    California is teaching children pedophilia is a sexual preference, not a crime.

    Basically, offering our children as meat – and don’t judge, that is wrong !! :^(

    Thehellyousay …

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