Beginners shouldn’t play with big guns

Check out the flinch on the first shooter when the gun misfires at the 1:30 mark. Then watch the second guy.

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  1. Ranch says:

    How the hell do you double tap a wheel gun?

    • M. Sage says:

      It’s a bump fire. The thing has enough recoil that if someone isn’t good with recoil control and/or lacks hand/wrist strength (like a woman or that guy), it’ll actually reset the double action trigger on recoil.

      Tons of videos showing it.

    • me says:

      Recoil impulse causes you to inadvertently squeeze off another round.

  2. Steve says:

    If I hear him claim “you double tapped it” one more time…… Gah. People.

  3. Martinez Alex says:

    I recently acquired this exact model used. I shoot the Hornady 500 gr. and it’s one smoking round. Definitely not for beginners.

  4. M. Sage says:

    FWIW, it’s not a double tap, it’s a bump fire.

  5. samoore says:

    Beginners is right.

    Wondering if either of them had ever fired a handgun before.

    Also, in the PacNW, responsible shooters don’t use trees as targets — tends to play Hell with the few remaining sawmills we have.

    • Bad_Brad says:

      I shoot in the El Dorado National Forrest. The one right below Tahoe National Forrest. The Rangers catch someone using a tree for a back stop they will take your guns.

      • Elmo says:

        Maybe that’s why the Sheriff of El Dorado County has told the Forest Service that he, not they, will enforce the law in his jurisdiction.
        With very few exceptions, Forest Service ‘Law Enforcement’ people are clueless losers with guns and badges.

  6. Ellimaeclampitt says:

    That douchnozzle that almost blew his own head off was giving the kid shit about his grip. Guns are fun but they are not toys.

  7. Bones says:

    That thing needs to go back to the gun store. For their own good.

  8. Roger says:

    While I was a range safety officer at a local municipal range, a group essentially like the ones in the video did the same thing with a Casull 454. A double tap. One round down range, one round through the 2×6 framework above the shooters head. I was standing about 15 feet away and and off the the side & watched it happen. You’d think that with a double action revolver it could not happen, but it surely does. Lesson learned, do not let idiots shoot big bore magnum weapons.

  9. Kapt Kaos says:

    What did I just watch? Did that guy seriously double tap that behemoth? And if he did actually do it how he didn’t manage to shoot himself I will never figure out.

    One of my nephews hunts with one of those machines. He figures it’s easier to pack around the Cascades than a rifle. On the west side you mostly find yourself in heavy underbrush where 30 yards is the most common shot. It’s not uncommon to see guys with .41 and .44 rigs and no rifle but that damn filling remover is definitely a sight to see. He grew up with Ruger Blackhawks so to him it’s just natural to go big to show the old dudes how it’s done.

  10. i could shoot one with accuracy, been shooting all my life. but i prefer .40, .45, 9mm over all those huge magnum rounds.

  11. pigpen51 says:

    I watched this, and was expecting them to load a single round at a time. That was irresponsible, I believe. He was truly lucky he didn’t blow the top half of his head 40 feet in the air.

  12. mathman54 says:

    Seeing all these videos makes me realize that, if you’ve never fired this much power before, you should only load and fire one round at a time until you’ve learned how this handles. And if you are allowing someone to try this out, you should insist they only load and fire one round.

  13. 15Fixer says:

    Their trigger-finger discipline bites! I’d never go shooting with those fools again. I think God jammed that gun so no one would get hurt. Terminal stupidity……

  14. UH1H CE says:

    Back when they were $500, I had one in my hand ready to buy it. The clerk at Galyan’s talked me out of it just by mentioning that they never get ammo for it, and when they do, the first guy through the door buys all of it. Since I already have a gun like that, (.450 Marlin) I took his advice.

    • Riverwood says:

      Love my .450 Marlin almost as much as my .444. I live in Griz country. I can’t head to the outhouse in the spring or late fall without tripping over at least 1 or 2. What’s really un-nerving is sitting down reading a book and looking over to see a head bigger than the window bowing the glass. The Griz are actually mellower than the blackies, never had to shoot one, but I did have to kill a 400 lb blackie that broke in and was shredding my kitchen, big mistake! Pitch black with a Ruger .44 mag and a Bowie knife.You ever try to come-along winch a 400 lb critter through your house? Lesson learned, spook them out and shot them outside.

  15. Sabre22 says:

    Never fired a 500 but did get to shoot one round of the 460 in a long barreled performance center model with a muzzle break The S & W rep was there so they were demoing different guns. My 3 inch barreled 44 Mag kicked worse. For fun try a 327 mag in a J frame 632. That little bugger kicks pretty good

  16. CC says:

    The corollary to “use enough gun” is “don’t use more gun that you can physically control”.
    Applies here, those guys look like they’re afraid of the thing.
    If the recoil has you stepping back, you have a poor shooting stance.

  17. Elk Tracks says:

    To the ones that are recommending single loading the revolver….
    If it is a heavy recoiling single action, it will break the loading gate.
    These guns need the support of the cartridge head under the gate.
    Also the weight of the heavy ammo lessens the recoil for first shots.

    My best friend has a 500 Smith, not too bad with 500gr ammunition.
    It is a nice gun, but too damn heavy. Could be a little better balanced too.
    Freedom arms built me a custom 454 Casull, about 28 years ago now.
    4-3/4″ it is a solid little gun. Original FA 300gr JSP ran 1610fps at 15ft.
    Both the Smith and Casull operate at over 60,000psi; mag rifle pressure.
    These guns & loads will force you to correct any bad habits; Quick like!

    But, at long last I’ve acquired the gun I have lusted over for many years.
    A close friend of mine, John Linebaugh, lives a few miles North of me.
    I commissioned him to build me one of his 500 Linebaugh 4-3/4″ Bisleys.
    What a sweet shooting revolver. Operating at 30,000 psi, it’s fairly mild.
    Although a 500gr hard cast at 1250fps will definitely get your attention!
    But at 1100fps it will penetrate 57″ in a wet phone book penetration box.
    That is a plenty!!! The ‘mild’ 435gr load at 950fps is sweet shooting fun!
    It will penetrate a bull elk from any angle. For most big game, it’s enough.
    This gun weighs around 46oz, beautifully balanced, and eye candy too!
    Enough power for anything on earth. ‘Powerful, practical, and packable.’

  18. Elk Tracks says:

    Jerry is my age . . .
    He never ceases to amaze me!

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