Come on down, Alberta

According to a February 2019 poll from Angus Reid, approximately 50% of Albertans would support secession from Canada. This number is up 30% from a generation ago and the conditions which have created these views are projected to only worsen.

In Alberta, the Canadian Province located just north of Montana, there is a strong feeling that the national government “back east” in Ottawa is using them much like the British Crown used distant colonies two centuries ago. Rich in farmland and natural resources, the Alberta economy has become increasingly reliant upon its natural reserves and oil and gas production, putting it at odds with a committed “green nation” such as Canada.

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9 Responses to Come on down, Alberta

  1. pigpen51 says:

    I find this idea not only intriguing, but worth exploring very closely. The Canadians have always had our back, from WWII to Vietnam, plus, by admitting them, we would allow them to find the freedom of our firearms laws, which the would certainly appreciate. And we would find the ability to hunt and fish in their large amount of open farmland. Plus, if we added Puerto Rico at the same time, as is normal, adding two states at the same time, it would allow us to help out a nation that is in need of our help, in a way that makes us look good, not bad.

    • the other other Andrew says:

      Nope. Rather take Guam and the other Pacific protectorates over Puerto Rico. Cut that idiot-filled island off.

    • hermit says:

      50 stars on a flag looks awesome.

      I have spent NO time thinking about any other number since the FEDS ignore all their assigned duties except collecting my earnings and blowing them on things as mysterious as ” Why can turtles not fly?”

      That, and other things…


  2. Bert says:

    Just like most people in the western US, those in western Canada not only feel but they know the people in the east suck and exist mainly to plunder the productive areas out West.

  3. Kansasreb says:

    Mr. Lane, listen to some music by Corb Lund, an Albertan. Start with Gettin Down on the Mountain.

  4. Craig T says:

    I don’t know why they would want to join us. Better to go your own way

  5. Fred Z says:

    I’m an Albertan. For a long time I was a separatist who wanted to join the USA.

    I don’t really think that’s such a good idea anymore. You seem to be pretty much as polluted by lefty thieving idiots as we are.

    There is no salvation for us in running away. I say: Stand and fight.

  6. brighteyes says:

    Quebec has tried this for years. Nothing new in Canada. Hawaii has tons of tourists from Alberta and British Columbia. They hate Trump and love their Socialist Medicine. They are real quick to tell you how wonderful Canada is and what a shit hole the USA is. There is what us locals call, The Season of the Canadians. Most locals stay off the beaches they go to.

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