Damn, talk about holding a grudge

CLAYTON, Mo. — A St. Louis teacher with HIV is accused of taking a student out of class and molesting him. Three years later, police said the teacher tried to hire a hit man to kill the child and his family.

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3 Responses to Damn, talk about holding a grudge

  1. tomrdcinc2 says:

    When a teacher says not to talk…………you keep your mouth shut.

  2. Steve the Engineer says:

    nice picture. but might not be enough bacon . . . ..

  3. LargeMarge says:

    Reason Number One To Homeschool:

    The spokes-model for The School District declined comment, adding “We did a whole lot of vestigatin’ and shit. Dident find nothin’ bad er nuffin. Sos we puts dem in wif da kids and shit. Outs my way, I gots work to do and shit.”

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