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20 Responses to Dumbass

  1. Curtis says:

    lathes are the very essence of machine tool. what kind of idiot messes around with that? I mean it’s almost as bad as getting on an escalator with untied shoes!@!

  2. Badseed says:

    There was a story about a chick not too long ago, from USC, I think. She went to the machine shop in the evening and was the only one there. They found her dead at the lathe she was working on. Evidently her long hair fell out from however she had it tucked away and got caught up in the spinning lathe. I can only imagine how gruesome of a find that had to be.

  3. JDubs says:

    Fucking moron! That idiot would be heading from the hospital to the unemployment line most tick. I set up, run, and program various CNC lathes and manual machines everyday and I’ve seen some serious dumbassery, but this douchebag is champion of the fucktards.

  4. Djamer says:

    My Machine Shop teacher was a huge influence on my life and a great, hard working, (he was machine tool rep as well), man. I had 3 years of Trade Machines in high school and my 3 best buds all joined the Navy and became lifer Millwrights. I wanted to fly Apaches instead, but remained civilian and worked machine tool for a couple of years before deciding to use it as background for machine tool engineering and got my CADD/Engineering degree instead. One of my bucket lists is to have a small shop when I retire and make solid brass candle sticks and shotgun cannons for extra retirement cash. . .

  5. Bilderback says:

    Every year there is farmer or two that gets wrapped up in a PTO shaft and to a man they are brighter, more experienced, and thoughtful than this guy. I would like to hear his explanation of exactly what he was trying to accomplish.

  6. Bildo says:

    Natural selection at work.

  7. censusdesignatedplace says:

    I was tasked with training a kid in my die shop, mouthy fucker, father was trained in Germany and best machinist ever, blah blah. Kid kept leaving the chuck keys in the mill and the lathe. I finally threatened to beat him to death with one if he ever did it again.
    He transferred to press maintenance and got laid off before he could kill anyone over there.
    Best fabricator I’ve seen in a while, though.

  8. singlestack says:

    I saw a video of a guy that got his sleeve caught in a lathe. It wrapped him up and spat him out, very obviously dead.

  9. Handy Longhaul says:

    What a STUPID fuck!!
    That ranks right down there with the guy we had working for us that stuck his finger into a 3/4″ socket on a 1/2″ air gun and pulled the trigger.
    Got blood all over himself and me.

  10. Elmo says:

    I can’t bear to watch.
    Normally I like to watch train wrecks, but I’ll pass on this one. I can see where it’s headed.

  11. =TW= says:

    Good God.
    I’ve been a machinist for nearly 40 years, running mostly lathes and Chuckers. (My favorite was a sweet little 16X30 Victor.) Started on an evil, belt-drive Clausing with friction feed and no footbrake. Also 2:1 crossfeed dial. That old fucker kept me on my toes…

    I’ve seen plenty of fuckups in the shop. And, yeah, I’ve launched a few parts.

    But I never saw anything that stupid.

    Best thing about this is Kenny’s title.

  12. Turret lathe class safety briefing taught by Ali Baba in junior college, I’ll leave it to you to insert the accent. “You must being very careful for your clothing when operating the turret lathe. Long sleeve shirt and tie may become caught in the machine rotating yourself and killing you.” Señior Baba was wearing a coat and tie!

  13. pigpen51 says:

    The worst one I saw was when we had a huge band saw, with a 1 inch wide blade. It broke, and the wheels were still spinning, The kid running it was watching the blade wobble back and forth, just hanging in the breeze, and he was reaching up to try and catch it. I saw him from about 15 yards away, and ran as fast as I could, screaming all the way, NO. He turned and looked at me like, duh, what are you screaming for. That machine was a menace. People had to get their hands close to trim parts, and it had to have the guards removed to fit the parts in it. The blades would often snap, due to the harsh working done on them, and many a person got a serious cut from that beast. But if that kid had grabbed the blade, and it caught the pulley, he would have cut his hand in half.
    Some people are just not cut out to work in a factory environment.

  14. Antibubba says:

    He’s very lucky. More so if he learns from it.

  15. J-Dog says:

    For a time I was in charge of training new hires in the Die Shop I worked at. My first piece of advice to newbies was that everything in here is trying to kill you. Don’t let it. I had one young guy, fresh out of the Marines, (blown knee) who didn’t believe me. I just had him take his fancy phone and google “lathe accident”. Instant attitude adjustment, just add intestines wrapped around a shaft.

  16. snuffy says:

    Bout a year or so ago, a guy in our machine shop was sanding and polishing a shaft on a lathe. Had gloves on. Took his arm off just below the elbow.

  17. MartinFromGermany says:

    Lernen durch Schmerzen. Learning by pain. However, I guess this concept does not apply to Mr. Dumbass here given the amount of stupid in him.

  18. enn ess says:

    What is so hard about the concept of the proper tool for the job……. As in a WORKING BRAIN…..
    There is a reason our country is in the sorry state it’s presently…. FUBAR !!!!

  19. FrankP says:

    For a number of years I did maintenance on large scale machinery in foundries and steel mills. Saw some ugly accidents and the aftermath of a few others. At the outset of this video the outcome was obvious.

    But I love train wrecks, in spite of hating the loss of humanity they cause. Ouch. Hope he gets over the limp.

  20. Stoney says:

    This dummy did everything wrong that he could do wrong, but who’s the asshole on his right who jogs the power switch?

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