Forty Four Years Ago Today

The story of an American Airman’s last day in Vietnam during the last couple days of the war, submitted by that Airman, Bill.

We were decisively winning the war in Vietnam because President Richard Nixon started bombing Hanoi and Haiphong and forced the North Vietnamese back to the negotiating table. We had a victorious end to the war. The Paris Peace Accords promised that should the North continue it’s aggression, we would replace all hardware the RVN lost defending themselves on a piece by piece basis.

Then came Watergate and President Nixon was forced to resign in August of 1974 followed by the November election of the 94th US Congress with it’s landslide Democrat victory. The new congress wasted no time stabbing our South Vietnamese allies in the back by canceling all military aid. The communists tested us over and over by driving deeper and deeper into the South.

On April 10th President Gerald Ford addressed Congress in a nationally televised speech to beg them to honor our commitments but several members walked out. It wasn’t long before more than 13 North Vietnamese army divisions encircled Saigon which was defended with less than a full division of green troops.

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9 Responses to Forty Four Years Ago Today

  1. David L. says:

    If you think we were decisively winning the war, you should read “No Honor, No Peace” by Larry Berman.
    The Paris peace accords had a major, massive flaw – they allowed North Vietnam to leave all of the troops in the South where they were, and did not disarm what was left of the VC (the North claimed it had no troops in the South, and all of the resistance there was VC).
    What kind of serious peace accord lets the aggressor nation leave its troops on the soil of the victim country? This was not a serious peace accord – it was a fig leaf that allowed Nixon to get the last American troops out of South Vietnam.
    The fall of the South was inevitable as soon as the last Americans left. Even if Nixon hadn’t resigned, sooner or later, he would have left office anyway, and the Democrats already controlled Congress.

    • H says:

      Damn straight, David. Nixon promised to resume bombing if the North didn’t live up to their side of the agreement and Ford was too big a wussie to do it.

  2. Trib says:

    Sad piece of history. Congress and politicians are dirtbags.

  3. GAter, OKC says:

    Welcome home, Buddy.

    Cam Rahn Bay, RVN – Feb 70 to Feb 71.

  4. Dan Patterson says:

    The men who served, and our allies, were betrayed by fools.
    History does repeat, doesn’t it?

    • Bill says:

      Over and over. We’re headed to some darker times if the brain dead millennial socialists advance their agenda , which now seems inevitable

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