Frankenstein Designer Kids

Puberty-blocking drugs, mastectomies, vaginal surgery and fake penises – all with zero chance of reversal – these are just some of the radical experimental methods being used on children. The madness must stop.

Imagine that you are the parent of a five-year-old boy who innocently informs you one day that he is a girl. Of course, the natural reaction would be to laugh, not phone up the nearest gender transitioning clinic. You have no idea how your little boy came to believe such a thing; possibly it was through something he heard at the daycare center, or maybe a program he saw on television. In any case, he insists that he ‘identifies’ as a female.

Eventually, possibly at the encouragement of your local school, you pay a visit to a physician. You hope this medical professional will be able to provide you and your child with some sound counseling to clear up his confusion. Prepare yourself to be disappointed. Your doctor will be forced, according to state and medical dictate, to follow the professional guidelines known as ‘affirmative care.’ It sounds nice and harmless, doesn’t it? In fact, the program could be best described as nothing short of diabolical.

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8 Responses to Frankenstein Designer Kids

  1. C.R. says:

    Some of these people are so fucked in the head !! So if your five year old son says he wants to be a girl, its off to the sex change clinic ? What if he said he wanted to be a cowboy ? You gonna get him a horse,and a six shooter ? most little kids have the attention span of a gnat , and change their mind about what they want on a daily basis .I think some of these “Doctors” ought to be hung!

    • hermit says:

      If I had a son,(I am childless) and I had the means, yes. Regarding the horse & gun, of course. If he changes his mind, say, to be a doctor, well….I can always use another gun and a bucket of glue..


  2. Paul B says:

    Sounds like the end of the last republic that ruled the known world. Took them 1,000 years to go full cycle. We will be lucky to hit 300

    Another one bites the dust. Wonder how the next one will start. Few undiscovered locations left

  3. NITZAKHON says:

    If I took one of my children into a tattoo parlor and said “They think they’re a butterfly; do their whole body to make them look like a butterfly” not only would they throw me out, but they’d call child services on me.

    If I took one of my children to a doctor and said “They think they’re the opposite gender. Sterilize them and give them radical cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance” the agents of the state would run to help me.

    G-d help us, we’ve gone insane.

    Happy Easter, Happy Passover.

  4. tallow pot says:

    Doctors that do this are worse than pederasts.

  5. Frankie says:

    You know that “hot chick ” you fucked yesterday used to be…….

  6. Curtis says:

    Wait. it gets worse when he tells the babysitter and she calls CPS and says you’re abusing your ‘daughter’ by not letting it select it’s own gender.

    CPS will be there right in your house holding your feet to the fire.

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