Good luck to ya

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6 Responses to Good luck to ya

  1. Klaus says:

    That thing will kill that guy if it gets a hold of him. No doubt.

  2. Tom MacGyver says:

    A black guy being chased by a black & white… What’s so interesting?…

  3. RonM says:

    OK, I Googled it. Fastest human can run 28mph. Fastest ostrich, about 43mph. He dead.

  4. rob says:

    Oooo, feets don’t fail me now.

  5. Sanders says:

    Get behind it and grab and hold on. They can’t kick backwards.

    • rayvet says:

      Actually I dealt with these in the zoo. You grab the neck, slide hand up to the head and cover the eyes (a pillow case is helpful). Like most birds, they can’t see, they don’t move. There was a great Dirty Jobs episode with Mike Rowe doing it. Funny as hell.

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