Good morning to Luis!

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10 Responses to Good morning to Luis!

  1. Skip says:

    That. Is. A. Motorboat!

  2. Louis Jenkins says:

    Would like to play windshield wiper.

  3. boobs!2luis says:

    Good Morning Ken!
    Nice one.

  4. 15Fixer says:

    … wow ……..

  5. Critter says:

    I could be talked into it.

  6. De Oppresso Liber says:

    Twin Outboards

  7. nobody says:

    Ugly nasty trashy typical kali ‘ho.
    Are all the ‘classy’ woe2men gone?
    If you want Luis to lose his mind, das for Karla James.
    Luis will be comatose in 10 minutes.

    • rayvet says:

      EEWWW. She’s a fatty. No thanks. If she can’t take care of herself, how the hell is she going to take care of me. I don’t mind “thick” chicks, but fat ones are not my cup of tea.

      • nobody says:

        RE: Karla. in the only set i saw of her its obvious she works out.
        Solid; not porky sow pig flabby…
        i was impressed at how firm and fit (not suet and wrinkles) she was… (i h8 suet sows)
        The sows out here have never lifted anything heavier than an 1 lb eclair and a triple mocha 32oz latte.
        (There may be more than 1 karla james.) she’s english (das) brunette and cute in an odd way.

  8. John L Kelly says:

    Just look at the veins standing out. Hey, wait until a little thing like ‘gravity’ takes charge.

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