“Here Fluffy, come here, Kitty”


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  1. Sabre22 says:

    Too bad it is in town that would be a good shot to take out in the country.

  2. Cavguy says:

    17 cal

  3. arc says:

    Would keep the yote as a pet and hopefully it would eat a few of the aggressive barn cats out here. Never seen one before… :( Hear em, never see em…

    • tallow pot says:

      Yotes are like raccoons, cute when they’re young but they grow out of it. Mean and destructive when they’re mature. A friend’s sister in law had one on a chain they’d raised from a pup.. She was the only person that could get close to it, as long as she had food. Someone gave my wife a baby raccoon years ago. It was cute and cuddly until it matured, then she had to release it because it was chewing up things and she got bit.

    • John h says:

      Buy some chickens.
      John h.

  4. Plankton67 says:

    Consider if you will what sort of liability anyone would face if a “pet” coyote mauled or God forbid killed someone. Coyotes are wild animals and not domesticable. Although some states may not have a statute ( I am too lazy to look at all of them), keeping one would be seen as a nuisance, and if strict liability is how your state of commonwealth does things, the moment that thing nips someone, you are B O N E D. Worth it? N O P E.

    Here’s a tidbit of why: http://www.interestinganimals.net/pet_coyote/pet_coyote.html

    This is also germane: https://naldc.nal.usda.gov/download/39878/PDF

  5. Chuck says:

    Had a coyote snatch one of our cats. Neighbor saw it heading across the street with it and called us. I went hauling ass out the door with my pistol drawn. I guess my commotion scared him off as we found the carcass with only one bite gone.

  6. Sanders says:

    It’s all fun and games until he gets his tail hung up in the fence and tears it off…

  7. John L Kelly says:

    Just one more Coywolf getting by in rural areas.

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