I see NYPD’s marksmanship is still lagging

NEW YORK — The suspect jailed for murder in the friendly-fire death of a Queens detective claims the tragedy began with an ill-conceived stab at comedy.

Self-proclaimed “shock-value comic” Christopher Ransom, 27, told the New York Daily News in a jailhouse interview that his alleged Feb. 12 robbery attempt at a T-Mobile store was actually a phony holdup videotaped by a pal and meant to get laughs online.

“It was a prank gone horribly wrong,” Ransom said in the Rikers Island interview. “I never meant to hurt anyone or rob anyone … I feel bad for the detective’s family and I hope the sergeant recovers soon.”


42 shots fired, the suspect was hit only 8 times, but they managed to kill one of their own cops and wound another.
Fucking NYPD….. they’re still in more danger of getting killed by their own than they are criminals.

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9 Responses to I see NYPD’s marksmanship is still lagging

  1. brighteyes says:

    Forty shots rang out, forty people fell. The Killer and Patti missed each other but they shot that town to hell. Yippee eye Oh Cow Patti.

  2. lil jack says:

    And, of course, they charge the prankster with murder even though HE DID NOT FIRE THE SHOTS THAT KILLED THE DETECTIVE. Lousy shots and they don’t take responsibility for their actions, typical.

  3. Hard to pick a winner for the Stupid Award here, both sides put out their best/worst efforts.

  4. rolldog says:

    How the hell did the cop get shot? If they are outside firing to the inside, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to stay out of the way. And shooting 2 cops of the 7 that were there? WTF?

    If they charged the robber with murder, how about charging the shooter?

  5. whynot says:

    Another example of “but the cops are the ONLY ones who should have guns”

  6. StBenardnot says:

    Funniest thing today! (so far)

  7. STW says:

    I suspect it wasn’t going to be a joke if they got away with it. (Call me a cynic)

  8. Ogrrre says:

    Real fuckin’ funny, asshole! Staging a hold-up for laughs? Who the fuck taught you about comedy? That asswipe SHOULD be charged with murder, and it’s too bad New York either does not have, or does not use the death penalty. What did that fucking moron think would happen?

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