I’m blaming the muslims for this one

Notre Dame cathedral has caught fire, according to the Parisian fire service and eyewitnesses.

Footage posted online shows a large fire engulfing the upper part of the cathedral, with the flames licking around its two bell towers.

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35 Responses to I’m blaming the muslims for this one

  1. Will says:

    Yep, lay the blame right at Angela Merkel’s feet for importing savages all across Europe.

  2. NewVegasBadger says:

    If I were a betting man, I’d bet that it was done by Muslims and the LSM along to the elected officials are too cowardly to admit it. So the only thing missing now is for the talking/empty heads to find some idiot excuse as to why the fire is Trump’s fault.

  3. Bad_Brad says:

    It’s alway puzzled me why Europe is hell bent on Cultural Suicide. And then I stumbled on the Kalergi Plan. New to me. There’s a lot to research about this guy.


  4. BadFrog says:

    Strange but that was the first thought to cross my mind as well.

  5. the other other Andrew says:

    Two churches a day are being vandalized and torched in France. That’s 2 a day. Over 730 churches a year expected, if not worse.

    But authorities can find NO reason why…

  6. kubotadog says:

    YEP… I bet the muzzies had something to do with this. I was there in 1997 on leave. Went and dug out my pictures and tears welled up as I looked at what was, and watching it burn now 22 yrs. later. the inside was as beautiful as the outside was a architectural marvel…… Sad loss

  7. steve tompkins says:

    i’ll bet construction workers screwed up. pretty sad, actually.

    • Larry says:

      Muslim workers? Accidentally on purpose?

    • czechsix says:

      Shit tons of construction crews over there are muslims, go figure. Kinda like Mexican crews here in the States…. I’m going with ROP activity. Also, go figure that it’s fired on these specific days, and as far as I know….ain’t no construction work going on Sunday or Monday in France. Add in the hundreds of other churches, cathedrals, etc that have been burned by arsonists in the last year or so….yeah, some fucking ROP’er hit the big one this time.

      It might, or might not come out in the media, but if it does come out in the media and people pay attention to a ROP’er doing it….the streets will flow with blood. Lots of Frenchies will be taking direct action on their own.

  8. bogsidebunny says:

    Regarding the Notre Dame fire, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar just announced: “Some People Did Something”!

  9. G.W. Long says:

    That was my FIRST assessment as well. ARSON, INSURANCE SCAM… When I got home and looked at the photos I saw there is a lot of scaffolding erected around the building. So maybe it was just somebody screwed up. Screwed up REAL BAD. Some frigging Mossy Guy with a welding torch, and a thermos of diesel fuel. Who knows. The “Powers that Are” will NEVER tell the truth about what the heck REALLY happened. We be their proverbial Mushrooms.

    • 15Fixer says:

      ^ what he said… sure is convenient to have ‘construction’ going on…. Notre Dame survived the Black Death, innumerable wars of European succession, the French Revolution, WW1, WW2, and Napolean, but burns down now???? Pardon me for being SKEPTICAL…..

  10. GI-had Joe says:

    French fire fighters are no better fighting a fire than their soldiers are at waging war.

    • Nemo says:

      Read a report on DailyMail that said firefighters took fifty (50) minutes to respond. Kinda like “the police are only minutes away”.

  11. samoore says:

    That fire got real big real fast, so I have a hard time accepting the idea that this is a “workplace accident”.

  12. czechsix says:

    France jails ‘jihadist’ woman accused over foiled terror attack


    “One of three women allegedly involved in a foiled plot in 2016 to blow up a car packed with gas canisters near the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was on Friday sentenced to eight years in prison by a French court for earlier offences.

    Ines Madani, 22, was sentenced following a three-day trial during which she was accused of encouraging would-be jihadists to go to Syria and participate in attacks against France between March 2015 and June 2016.

    She used Telegram — an encrypted messaging app widely used by jihadists to communicate.

    Judge Isabelle Prevost-Desprez said that Madani was “recruited” by Oumar Diaw, also known as Abou Barrou, an influential jihadist of the Islamic State group.

    She used different pseudonyms on social networks, pretending for example to be Abu Souleymane, a jihadist returned from Raqa to carry out attacks in France.

    “You had some autonomy in the management of your personality…. Your determination marks your dangerousness,” Prevost-Desprez said.

    Madani’s lawyer, Laurent Pasquet-Marinacce, said her client, aged 18 at the time, was “a girl in search of recognition and love”.

    “This (the sentence) is an acceptable decision,” she said.

    Madani’s trial for trying to set fire to the car filled with six gas cylinders near Notre Dame will begin on September “

  13. mm1919 says:

    I’ve been saying for almost 20 years that the 1st country in Europe to lose the immigration battle to moslims would be France. It’s gonna be a squeaker but I still think France will take the gold.

    Just imagine what the world will be like when these lying motherfuckers have control of France’s nuclear arsenal. Surely there has to be some serious mofos over there that will take matters into their own hands…isn’t there??

  14. Mike_C says:

    I’m certain it was angry white nationalists. Deplorable, islamophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic white nationalists. Incontrovertible proof will be found very soon. Word is that a fella named Steele has some important leads. These will be confirmed on the site of Le Centre de Droit de la Pauvreté du Sud.

    • G.W. Long says:

      Steele, eh? Hmmm would he be a British Spy, recently retired, and in the news a lot of late? Sounds like a Great Chap to ask about the particulars and all. Does he know any Russians?

  15. Bobo the Hobo says:

    If this is a result of the Middle Eastern community, I believe France will come unglued

  16. Tino says:

    To paraphrase Deep Purple – Some stupid with a welder burned the place to the ground.

  17. woodsterman says:

    Hmmm, turn Mecca to glass?

    What could wake these goat fuckers up?

  18. warhorse says:

    I give it a week before they pin it on one of the yellow vest protesters.

    he’ll be 100% innocent, but they’ll pin it on him.

  19. Checkers says:

    Sadly,, I would bet good money we will soon be having a conversation about how the rebuild should be “inclusive” and not “offend” anyone. In other words,, it will be rebuilt as a mosque. Europe is fubar. Has been for a while.

    • Sanders says:

      If their current pope has anything to say about the matter, it can’t be rebuilt as a mosque soon enough.

  20. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    There’s a rumor circulating that Macaroon says it will be rebuilt as a combination church/mosque.

    “Good luck with that idea.” — Satan 2019

  21. ChuckN says:

    Who wants to get the French government will blame the yellow vests.

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