I’m sure she’s taken, men

And here’s one for CavMed because he’s so morally superior:

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3 Responses to I’m sure she’s taken, men

  1. Paul B says:

    Yeah. I want to that hate. And the tshirt. Wife wants to go to a garden tour in one of the most liberal towns in the state. that hat would make heads explode.

  2. Elmo says:

    ‘Relax, idiots. It’s just a hat.’
    Where do I get one?

    And the bronzed blonde babes with braids in bikinis aren’t bad either.

    • Nemo says:

      Hat? What hat? I didn’t see a hat in any of those pics. Lots of nice big titties and babes that don’t mind showing then off and nice round firm asses and some very flexible ladies is a nice way to get your heart started in the morning. But a hat? Don’t recall seeing one.

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