Let’s watch some shit blow up

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  1. Gunny0369 says:

    That’s why we keep our ammo seprated . No shit John fucking Wayne!

  2. brighteyes says:

    I was about ten mile from DaNang when the ammo dump blew in 69. Amazing. We happened to be in the rear for a couple days so a bunch of us were sitting on a bunker stoned watching the shock waves coming at us. What a light show at night. I was also right at the foot a Charley Ridge when the B-52’s were working out. Same same. You would see all these flashes. Many, many flashes. Then you would see the shock waves coming and finally the noise would hit you. Rumble in the Jungle mon.

    • SgtBob says:

      Never got to see a B52 strike. One night in early January 1967, there was a hugely big red glow in the west, in the vicinity of Long Binh, about 30 miles away. We thought it was a B52 strike, but next morning there was a big gray cloud that stayed all day and still a glow that night. Don’t know how many sappers were used. Enough, I guess.

  3. Badseed says:

    I had the wonderful opportunity to lay in a 3′ deep trench with 20-30 other SeaBees and Marines for 4 hours while the ammo dump in Dong Ha blew up in 1967. We were about 500 yards away from the damned thing and didn’t think it was ever going to stop. At one point I peaked out over the edge of the trench and stared straight into a smoking 155mm howitzer shell. There was then a mad scramble to move further up the trench away from that shell. Several Marines were killed during that event and the SeaBee huts about a mile away had the fronts of them sucked out. Ah the good old days, spit!

  4. tallow pot says:

    How much overpressure is fatal? How much overpressure do the events generate? How far away do you have to be?

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