Luke Short

Luke L. Short (January 22, 1854 – September 8, 1893) was an American Old West gunfighter, cowboy, U.S. Army scout, dispatch rider, gambler, boxing promoter and saloon owner. He survived numerous gunfights, the most famous of which were against Charlie Storms in Tombstone, Arizona Territory and against Jim Courtright in Fort Worth, Texas. Short had business interests in three of the best known saloons in the Old West: the Oriental in Tombstone, the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, and the White Elephant in Fort Worth.

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3 Responses to Luke Short

  1. FaCubeItches says:

    The Undertaker’s Friend – he shot ’em where it didn’t show.

  2. SmileyFtW says:

    A re-enactment of the shootout with Courtwright is held on its anniversary in the Fort Worth Stockyards outside the White Elephant Saloon. The location of the current WE Saloon is not where it was when the shootout occured,

  3. Bootmaker says:

    not the original…but still a cool venue…a small cozy place…i had to move my feet so Leon Russell could get to his piano and play

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