Maybe she was on her final warning at work

An Ohio driver was seen fleeing cops Monday — police say she told them she was late for work.

Imani Edwards was pulled over by Cleveland police for having tinted windows. But then she took off without warning, police say.

At one point, video shows that cops boxing her in and came come out with guns drawn. One officer tried to open her door and she barreled her way through, taking off again.
-Miss Mess

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8 Responses to Maybe she was on her final warning at work

  1. Dan Patterson says:

    Not going to mention age, race, nor sex.
    Nope. Not gonna.

  2. rayvet says:

    i don’t understand why that cop that tried to open the door that was locked didn’t just shoot her ass through the window. Justified what with her ramming the popo cars and such. People like this need instant justice meted out right there. She put untold number of citizens in danger as well as the cops she tried to run down. She ought to be pushing up Daisy’s right now. She’s lucky.

Play nice.