Poor li’l Snowflake…

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  1. Spiro says:

    When will this gay of thrones stop? Everyday I hear about this most degenerate of shows. Thank goodness I don’t watch TV. The writers are (((Aliens)))

  2. Trish says:

    Many, many years ago, I read Martin’s books. At first there were three and he finally got around to writing two more. I admit I have watched most of the episodes. But I am really pissed at George Martin because he has not written the books for the last several years of the shows.

    • Because the shows are simply cramming as much nudity, torture and incest into those ‘extra’ seasons as possible.
      I added HBO GO for a few months when I had a friend staying with me, and he was a big GOT fan. I felt sorry for him, he took his wife to Hawaii for a second honeymoon and the day they got back she locked him out. He stayed with me until after the divorce then moved to Florida.
      So this year I’ll not be seeing what new perversions they have in store.

      • Trish says:

        The books are not as bad as the shows. Yes, there is killing but no nudity and incest. These are added to the shows to ‘attract’ the perverted.

        • RL says:

          To be fair, the first book does contain incest, but I do not recall nudity. I cannot speak of any books after the first, as I did not read them after finishing the first in the series.

          • I cant say GRRM goes into graphic detail with his sex scenes, but brothels and prostitutes etc. are mentioned in every book and many exploits are referred to generally quite often Dany’s cravings being taken care of by her hand maidens is one scene in particular I remember reading about, her de-flowering by Drago or whatever his name was is another. Let’s see now that I think about it ya the books are in fact more sexually explicit than the show has been. In fact the first book alone had Jamie and Cersie going at it in the tower and some fairly good detail about Terion’s exploits.

          • Trish says:

            Must have missed it. It has been many, many years since I read the first three novels.

            • Not remembering it is understandable as the sex is really nothing more than support for the other aspects of the story. I had to really think about it to recall them (well except for Dany and her handmaids that will stick with me a while). It is interesting to note that the sex scenes usually are more prominent the more evil or ambitious the character is. For instance Ned and Kaitlyn never have a sex scene or even mention one. Tierion’s drop off to nil as the story grows WHile Cersie’s grow the longer the story goes on. Jamie’s fall off etc.

  3. Edward Teach says:

    it’s a pity that they had to salt this show with so much perverted sex and gore, because the script-writing itself is quite good….enough that it could stand in its own without all the crap. Some of the dialogues between characters are quite riveting, especially ones with Peter Dinklage. There are plenty of Youtube clips with just those scenes and you don’t have to suffer through all the other filth.

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