Sheep gives a glowing report on the BATF

Virginia – -( Virginia Citizens Defense League member Chris Weaver sent me this email about his positive experience turning in his bump stocks to the BATFE in Chesterfield, VA for safekeeping until a final determination of the legality of the ban could be decided by the courts.

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15 Responses to Sheep gives a glowing report on the BATF

  1. james says:

    good sheep

  2. censusdesignatedplace says:

    Read that. Don’t believe it. For the record I prefer ammo to gimmicks anyway.

  3. Gator says:

    Gotta wonder if that guy will write such a glowing report when he shows up, smiling, to turn in all his AR-15s like a good sheep.

    Wonder how officer friendly in there will treat the plebs who don’t turn them in when he and his buddies start trying to confiscate the things?

    I hate lines like “not all ATF agents are anti-gun” and how the police like and own guns too, so they empathize. Because the fact that they have them too means they don’t mind if the plebs the see themselves lording over own them as well. This is no different than drinking and driving – cops will arrest you and throw your ass in jail for it, while also being some of the worst offenders while off duty. THis kind of thing is no different.

  4. Andy says:

    Has to be parody. No one can be that damn stupid, not even a democrat

    • Old Gray Wolf says:

      You seem pretty sure of that. A lot more sure than I am. Which of us is playing fast and loose with our faith in humanity here?

  5. D S Craft says:

    What a friggin’ idiot. And that clown belongs to an organization that’s supposed to be defending the 2nd? Really? Bullshit.

  6. SgtBob says:

    “We will secure your surrendered bump stock in the evidence safe.”
    In the what?
    “With your name and all other personal information we have gathered, so far.”

    • truthzzzz says:

      Getting a weapon back from police that has been put in an evidence safe has been horrific every time I helped a client do so. One let the pistol go as he said that he had to live in this town with the cops and he did not want to have a target on him. The police denied having the gun and finally said that it had been destroyed as no one had claimed it. That was a Progressive run town from top to bottom. I wonder who got the pistol. It was a nice one.

  7. Shooter says:

    Good NRA member. Fucking cucks

  8. dee gunn says:

    ALL ABOARD !! Train to Auschwitz leaves in 20 minutes.

  9. whataahole!@luis says:

    Read it, was waiting for when he bent over and the “super friendly, courteous and compassionate agents” bumped stock his ass.

  10. Towser says:

    What a rube!

  11. Sanders says:

    May his chains rest lightly…

  12. Bob Homer says:

    “And after you shower, we will have clean clothes and hot soup for you and you be reunited with your loved ones” said the guard at Treblinka.

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