Success at last!

I came off my last 30 day FB suspension last Thursday and have been busting my balls trying for another one. I’ve picked on blacks, whites, Asians, muslims, illegals, dogs, cats, little fuzzy Easter chicks and damned near anything else I could think of and had no joy whatsoever, not even a warning. Hell, they never even blinked an eye at the ‘It’s Friday Niggas’ meme that I posted here earlier today.
Then today I changed my profile picture and BAM! I was shown the door for another 30 days. Not only that, but the motherfuckers removed my new profile picture.
What, may you ask, did I change my picture to that was so fucking offensive? Here, see for yourself.

And where did I dig out this offensive picture of myself? From my FB folder of old profile pictures. I’m not fucking kidding. As a matter of fact, if those of you that have friended me on FB will go to my page, you can still see that very same picture in my photos block. They removed the profile picture and suspended me for 30 days, but left the picture in the photo block.
Go figure.

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  1. Roger.45 says:

    You’re a marked man, Kenny. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dale says:

    heads up…I’ll send you a request…

  3. LDonoghue says:

    I put a snide remark on BNP page the other morning very early just as they were banned. My comment instantly got 5-6 likes and BOOM. It was all gone. I like to think it was my comment. I know they mask every comment I make but I have never been able to get someone else’s page shut down before.

  4. FukFB!@luis says:

    Congrats!!! we are all so proud of you!! Really! …Yes! …..We Are!!!!!

  5. Djamer says:

    For the thousandths time! FUCK FACEBOOK! Why does anyone ever waste one nanosecond of their very precious time with it. Every subscriber gives them funding to keep perpetuating their communist bullshit! Please STOP patronizing them!

    BTW, Great pic and hatchet!

  6. Macumazahn says:

    Dude, I’m really feeling the love for you now – no homo :-)

  7. Macumazahn says:

    Sorry to comment twice in rapid succession, but I just now noticed that ASSAULT HATCHET in the background – that’s your banning offense right there.

  8. Bootmaker says:

    well…i for one had missed my ‘friday niggahs’ fix

    • Ray Mota says:

      Hate to break it to your friends, but that photo was shopped. It started out old white men dressed in suits. Somehow when it came out of the spin cycle in the “photo processor” it was something else different. Odd that. Must be a software glitch, EH?

  9. Scarecrow says:

    It’s the pointy WMD’s behind you, at a guess.

  10. Tom says:

    I shared this story, and used the term “goat humpers”. That got me a 30 day vacation..

  11. Padawan says:

    It’s that Punisher poster in the background. ;-)

  12. I’m one week into a 30 day suspension myself for posting a comment on a news article about a boat captured by the coast guard that was carrying hundreds of pounds of liquid meth. I simply said “Too bad they just didn’t sink it and save us all the trouble” And for that I got a 30 day time out.
    Who knew FB was pro meth??

  13. Susan robertson says:

    What is your Facebook name? Will look for you after your time out is over.

  14. Ellimaeclampitt says:

    I gotta say you look like you can cash the checks that you mouth writes out. Strait up white trash. God bless you.

  15. Frankie says:

    So,that’s your Good Friday?! Well done and yes,you look really cute!!

  16. don burnette says:

    this is only the start of what your (our) government has is store for all of us. I am glad I am 77 years old, I lived thru the best of times., can only pray for my grand and great grandkids

  17. crazyeighter says:

    I knew you could do it, but I had no idea how you were gonna do it.

  18. OD says:

    Haha … FacialBerg scared of the CS hawk … no wait ! … the knife handle … no ! … the Spartan helmet ….. or … a real beard ! ! …. pruning the h. not-so-sapiens tree cannot commence soon enough

  19. brighteyes says:

    Go back too yer roots mon. I still have hair past my shoulders and just shaved a similar beard. Grow in the winter, shave in the summer. I note my forehead gets higher each year. Soon it will reach my collar. Grow it while ya got it.

  20. Bad_Brad says:

    Don’t feel bad. I’m once again, permanently banned from Twitter. Libtards can physically threaten you, but whatever you do don’t threaten them back. They’re still there, I’m gone.

    • Bad_Brad says:

      I forgot to mention, we had to close down our business FB page and our Web page because insurance companies would not issue a General Liability policy to us because there were evil firearms on both.

  21. Don in Oregon says:

    It’s cause you’re PROUD of being white trash. That’s your offense.

  22. mrgarabaldi says:

    Hey Kenny;

    I sent you a friend request…

    Hope you don’t mind

  23. the other other Andrew says:

    Those fucking fence pliers. They have killed and oppressed more people than have ever been born, I tell you.

    • Elmo says:

      Good thing the Facebook fascists don’t know what a pair of nose pliers look like. That would have gotten him banned for life for animal cruelty.
      Then, after instituting the ban, they’d all head out for an organic burger.

  24. scott doe says:

    what the fuck’s wrong with that? my wife wore that shirt at our wedding!

  25. GARY GRIFFIN says:

    If all of my heroes weren’t dead, I might add you to the list. Keep up the good fight.

  26. Heathen says:

    I bet it was the leg-hold traps that set them off this time.

  27. j j ciszewski says:

    They de-activated my account for a quote I posted it rad remember this quote to conquer a nation first disarm its citizens, signed Adolph Hilter

  28. Congratulations! Join the club Kenny. I am banned from Facebook and I do not even have an account on it. Anytime someone tries to post a link back to my blog it is blocked with violating community standards bullshit. Fuck Facebook! I also was booted from Instagram. Mission accomplished.

  29. Marty says:

    I gotta get one of those t-shirts.

  30. Leonard Jones says:

    I have been on a crusade for going on two years now. Calling Mark Zuckerdick
    a cock sucker and posting videos of Nazi book burnings and the Nuremberg
    rallies has not yet resulted in my being banned. I post anti-Islam crap all
    the time and the worst I got was notifications of new messages by friends
    no longer show up.

  31. Stevie says:

    Gee whiz, Kenny, you’re sure cute!

  32. JiminAlaska says:

    I gotta give facrcebook credit, they done did the right thing banning you for that.

    That’s one big pile of ugly!

    Almost as scary as any picture of me!

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