Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station

If you’ve ever watched a vintage horror film involving a cannibalistic chainsaw-wielding murder and thought, That’s my ideal dining experience, Bastrop, Texas, has the spot for you. The original gas-station-cum-barbecue-joint featured in the cult classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now a weekend destination, complete with four rustic cabins (with one shared bathroom), a campsite, and, of course, plenty of smoked and sauced meats.

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3 Responses to Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station

  1. Eod1sg Ret says:

    This is about ten miles down the road from my house. Saw the movie at a drive-in when I was a kid so the wife and I stop in for a brisket sandwich every now and then. Something to do and their BBQ ain’t bad either!

  2. roadgeek says:

    Bas-trop, rhymes with “stop”. They’ll have to be pretty good to make it in Central Texas, where good barbecue abounds.

  3. Manley Hoffmanwayne says:

    I always thought it was here:
    When I lived in Texas, we would go to lunch there, just south of Taylor in Cele, TX.

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