That’s some White Trash shit right there

FARMINGTON, MO. • The wife of a Missouri Ku Klux Klan leader admitted in court Friday that she fatally shot her husband in 2017, cleaned up the crime scene with her son and then dumped the body.

Malissa Ancona pleaded guilty in St. Francois County Circuit Court to second-degree murder, tampering with evidence and abandonment of a corpse. She was sentenced to life in prison as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.

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5 Responses to That’s some White Trash shit right there

  1. SgtBob says:

    Well, in the end, she did find a sense of family.

  2. John h says:

    Why is “pleaded” guilty correct for past tense and not “pled” guilty?? Is pled not a word or the incorrect tense??? I dont get it.
    John h

    • MadMarlin says:

      Lmao, skanky wife/ho kills her skanky kkk wizard husband, and the thing that caught your attention was the word pleaded instead of pled. That made me laugh, but now I want to know the answer too.

    • crazyeighter says:

      I’ve wondered about that for years. Probably something else that got changed without asking me…

  3. warhorse says:

    dammit and here I was thinking martin lindstedt was dead….

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