The Great Squirrel War of 1918

IN APRIL 1918, AS AMERICAN doughboys faced down the Germans in France, California’s schoolchildren were enlisted to open a new Western Front. “We have enemies here at home more destructive, perhaps, than some of the enemies our boys are fighting in the trenches,” state horticulture commissioner George H. Hecke warned in an impassioned call-up for “School Soldiers.” He exhorted children to do their part for Uncle Sam by organizing “a company of soldiers in your class or in your school” and marching out to destroy their foe: “the squirrel army.”

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5 Responses to The Great Squirrel War of 1918

  1. Padawan says:

    “The day that squirrel went bezerk”

  2. Plankton67 says:

    Kenny, this article is an excellent find! Very interesting how propaganda tactics were employed to yield maximum carnage on the squirrels. If you have not been thanked yet today, please accept my thanks for making this a brighter world.

  3. Bert says:

    And to think, one hundred years later California has another crisis with invaders.

    • Nemo says:

      …and to think, one hundred years later California has a crisis with deplorables owning and using guns and ammo.

  4. FaCubeItches says:

    California legislature set to vote on a Squirrel Reparations Bill in three weeks.

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